Sydney-based photographer Mikki Gomez has travelled the world snapping some of the music industry’s hottest names. As well as music, Gomez has covered fashion events too, and spent two weeks in the US shooting New York Fashion Week last year.  Mikki has shot the likes of Lana Del Rey, The Amity Affliction, to Tyler the Creator and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and her photos on display at Citizens of the Streets at Shadow Electric on Thursday 24th September.

Personal favourite music photographs of your own on Instagram?

Drizzy, Florence + The Machine, Afrojack crowd


Personal favourite non-music related photographer on your Instagram?

That I follow? Chris Schoonover: @cschoonover

What do you like most about Instagram?

Endless discovery and inspiration!

What is you least favourite thing about Instagram?

When people use my image and slap an ugly filter on it.


Who do you love to follow on Instagram and why?

Fashion photographers, not the studio kind but the ones that capture the vibes of a fashion show. And people who live in NYC.

Favourite photo you’ve ever been tagged in on Instagram?

Joel Birch from The Amity Affliction regrammed and tagged my image of him.

The Amity Affliction

Best photo someone else has taken of you?

I’m awkward in front of the camera.

Funniest people/person you follow on Instagram?

@fuckjerry and @seinfeld2000

Most annoying person/people/establishment on Instagram?

People who literally only post selfies (where every selfie is taken from the same angle).

Do you have any guilty pleasure follows on Instagram?

I don’t know if I want this printed, but I followed and then unfollowed two of the Kardashians, but still lurk here and there haha.


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Speaker TV Present: Citizens of the Streets
Thursday 24th September
Shadow Electric Bandroom
Performing: Gena Rose Bruce, Edward R, Demi Louise & Sinead Beth
Exhibiting: Mikki Gomez, Rochelle Flack and Ali Edmonds
Doors 7PM / Pre-sale: $10
Tickets on sale now