Meet freelance photographer, Khara Deurhof, she is an emerging member of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography and based in Mackay in sunny North Queensland. Khara captures the beauty hidden in the smallest, spontaneous moments through her photo-journalistic style of photography. She is passionate about documenting those beautiful moments found in life and love and specialises in travel and wedding photography. Her style is soft and delicate, yet her images are full of life. Khara also regularly photographs live music gigs and festivals, and currently contributes regularly for us here at Speaker TV.

Favourite music related image on your Instagram and why?

This is a hard pick, but it would probably be a photograph I took of brother/sister duo Angus & Julia Stone earlier on in the year. It just fits so perfectly in the square format of Instagram, composition wise, and I love how the colours seem to sparkle. You can feel the atmosphere.

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Favourite non-music related image on your Instagram and why?

Would have to be a photograph I took in Iceland back in March. I was in Iceland for a month travelling around and shooting a body of work for my exhibition. We were in the middle of nowhere and it was dusk, and the sun was just about to fall beneath the hills. The light from the sun was reflecting off this old shed and it caught my eye. It was a beautiful moment and whenever I see this image I’m reminded of how I felt. It’s my favourite photograph from my exhibition, Ethereal.

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What do you like most about Instagram?

Everything! I love everything about Instagram! But my favourite thing would have to be the accessibility of it, and how easy it is to share & tag your photographs. It’s a great networking platform. It’s the perfect platform for photographers.

What is you least favourite thing about Instagram?


Who do you love to follow on Instagram and why?

I love following the other photographers that I get to shoot with in the pit. They are so amazingly talented and I love seeing what they’re up to and what shots they’re taking. They inspire me to be a better live music photographer! Also, VSCO is another favourite account of mine.

Favourite photo you’ve ever been tagged in on Instagram?

Illy shared one of my shots from River Sessions last year and he tagged me in it. This was one of the first live music shots that I’d ever taken and I was so stoked that he shared it. That was the moment that I knew that I wanted to do be a live music, photographer.

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 Best photo someone else has taken of you on Instagram?

There’s a shot of me sitting in a big vintage armchair holding one of my very old film cameras. A friend of mine needed some shots done so we went to this funky café and then she grabbed the camera and started photographing me!

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Funniest people/person you follow on Instagram?

@alldaychubbyboy is pretty hilarious!

Most annoying person/people/establishment on Instagram?

Not sure!

Do you have any guilty pleasure follows on Instagram?

Yesss. The Kardashians!! All of them! Haha

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