Perth’s favourite production duo, SLUMBERJACK recently announced they’ll be hitting dancefloors across the country with a national tour. The tour kicks off this weekend at Stereosonic, before heading to Adelaide before returning to Sydney for the Electronic Music Conference 2014 (EMC), then Melbourne, Brisbane and finishing off back in WA.

We asked the SLUMBERJACK crew to delve back through their Instagram and tell us what some of their favourite photos are and who their guilty pleasure is to follow…. 

What is your favourite photo that you have taken?
Where was it, why is it your favourite?

Not the most amazing piece of photography you’ll ever see but this photo represents of the greatest things about music in that without it, none of the four of us would have even known each other, let alone been friends. Plus, we’d all just eaten Ramen and consumed delicious sugary Mexican / Japanese soda’s.

Slumber photo 1

What is your favourite live photo?

This shot is from our show at the WAM Festival in our hometown Perth and what we love about it is that so many of the people in the crowd had never heard our music before yet still crunked along to it. The range of acts on that day was so diverse and it’s awesome to play to such an open-minded crowd.

Slumberjack photo 2

Who is the more photogenic band member?

Not sure, you’ll have to decide.

Slumber photo 3

What photo best represents SLUMBERJACK outside of music?

We both really love getting out to really remote places to clear our minds and chill out. This shot is from my (Morgan) trip to New Zealand (Wairere Falls) where I spent most of most of my time in the sun and out in the open.

Slumber pic 4

What is the weirdest photo you have posted?

Because when you’re about to drop new tuna, you’ve gotta let people know somehow!

slumber pic 5

Do you have any guilty pleasure follows?

CROCS! I have a feeling we are going to lose a lot of credibility, and respect for this one but let me explain! When you are out in the bushes, crocs provide such comfort and convenience no other footwear can compare. You just slip it on and although you don’t look the most trendy (I mean who looks trendy outdoors anyway), you will definitely never slip and fall again. There.




Sat, 29 Nov – Steresonic, SYDNEY Sun,

30 Nov – Stereosonic, PERTH

Sun, 30 November – Zhivago, ADELAIDE

Wed, 3 Dec – EMC PLAY // Pilerats & Etc Etc Showcase @ The Wall, World Bar SYDNEY

Wed, 3 Dec – EMC PLAY // Onelove & Owsla Showcase @ Kings X Hotel, SYDNEY

Fri, 5 Dec – Can’t Say, MELBOURNE

Sun, 7 Dec – Stereosonic, BRISBANE

Thur, 18 Dec – The Helm @ Maroochydore, QLD

Fri, 19 Dec – TBC, BRISBANE

Sat, 20 Dec – Wonderland, PERTH