Melbourne’s premiere blue-eyed soul outfit and irrepressibly smooth 10-man band Sex On Toast, have been garnering fans across the country with their 80s funk, choreographed performances and larrikin charm, and even count Australian music legend Ian “Molly” Meldrum a fan after he appeared in their latest video ‘Oh Loretta!’

We asked bandleader Angus Leslie to take us through some of the bands favourite Instagram images and below are his chosen ones….

Your Instagram is one kooky place on social media, with a lot of references to 70s and 80s artists. What Sex on Toast’s favourite vinyl posted on Instagram?

I reckon I’ll go with Roger Troutman’s album the Saga Continues. The music on it is great, with hits like the post-Michael McDonald “I Keep Trying” and a strange demented George Benson-esque song with a name that escapes me. Speaking of Instagram, the late Roger Troutman’s band Zapp, comprised of his brothers liked one of our things the other day. We weren’t even following them.
This was exciting.

Question 1

Do you have a favourite photo from the filming of Oh Loretta?

Well since I’m answering these questions, this candid snap of me and Molly in his makeshift dressing room is pretty amazing…
Check out the smoke!

Question 2Photo by Sara Tansy

Do you have a favourite photo of all your guys together?

Well, while we’re on the topic of Molly Meldrum…

Question 3Photo by Sara Tansy

You wrapped up your national tour late year, out of all the places you visited, where was your favourite?

Wow, that’s quite a hard one. We always have a really great time in Sydney due to close SOT associates Christian Hemara, Andrew Bruce, Dan Fngn, Ben Panucci and others as well as drinks and impromptu gigs at our favourite bar in Redfern, the Dock!
We found Bulli quite beautiful and love kickin’ it in Brisbane with Laneous, Bili, Ofa and Lee…

Do you have a picturesque place you want to visit?

The home of internationally renowned playboy Hugh Hefner, who’s famous mansion is apparently filled with depressed Playboy bunnies who are questioning their life choices, cheap silverware and the carpet is stained with the urine of his many dogs. We would love him to host a release party there for the next record ala Limp Bizkit’s Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavoured Water.

What photos best sum up your experience playing shows?

This one says it all…

Question 6

What photo bests describe the relationships you share in the band? 

Question 7

Are you guys active ‘likers’ on Instagram? Are there any accounts that you love?

Look right now I’m gonna say Brooklyn Queenz because it’s basically just two DJ girls we know with incredible bodies and fierce costumes shaking their asses to hip-hop and R&B. What’s not to love?

Question 8

Who are the funniest people/accounts you follow on Instagram?

I’m going to go with an account called “Really Good Picture” which is our friend Trav Jenkins taking blurry and indecipherable shots of everyday life. We like that a lot.


Do you have any guilty pleasure follows on Instagram?

No. In this band, we feel no guilt.

Speaker TV Presents: 
Citizens of The Streets at Shadow Electric Bandroom – (18+ only)
With Sex on Toast | The Venusians + more TBA
Photography by Markus Ravik and Emily Day
Artwork by Kathryn Pappas
Doors 7.00pm
1 St Heliers Street, Abbotsford, Vic