Sydney songstress Elizabeth Rose has released a thought-provoking new video to accompany her new single entitled ‘Division‘, reflecting the fight for marriage equality in Australia.

Culturally, ‘Division’ could not have come at a more appropriate time, considering the current sociopolitical debate regarding Australia’s conservative laws on same-sex marriages. Being the last developed country to address this issue at a federal level, it seems it is more than time for change when over 72 percent of the population publicly support the acceptance of same sex marriages.

Every day, over 35,000 Australians face social persecution and are denied acceptance in the eyes of the law as legitimate marital unions akin to their hetero-normative counterpart. Rose’s video provides a moving reflection of the struggles same sex couples face in order to gain acceptance socially, as well as by their loved ones. ‘Division’ also provides a welcome contribution towards exposing and normalising same sex relationships, which seems to be far too infrequent on commercial Australian music and media platforms.

Musically, ‘Division’ is both an ode to, as well as a departure from, Rose’s most recent offerings on her self-titled release earlier this year. Posturing catchy vocal melodies against pulsating synthesisers and resonant beats seems to be a specialty of Rose – ‘Division’ reflects this signature style, while at the same time managing to present an intelligent and thought-provoking, politically-charged track. It’s good to make the average pop listener stop in their tracks and think, sometimes.

In conjunction with Australian Marriage Equality (AME), Rose has released ‘Division’ via a pay-as-you-feel mechanism on her website until June 17th, so get in quick and grab it. All proceeds go to AME to assist in the fight against the government’s conservative, discriminative attitude towards same sex marriage. You can also voice your support for AME by going to the website or Facebook page and pledging your support on their petition here.

As Rose poetically puts it: ‘it’s the division hurting you and me, it’s time to change, is it time to re-arrange? It starts with you’.

‘Division’ is out now on Midnight Feature.