Known for our national community television program and music, arts and culture website; here at Speaker TV we’re looking for fresh individuals to join our team. With a large cult following online and on the field, we’re looking for new interns in the Melbourne region to get involved, connected and experienced in editorial publication, reviewing and everything in-between.


We’re looking for individuals between 18-26 interested and passionate in the field of writing, reviewing and learning in the creative industries. Covering a variety of features, we’re currently refreshing our attention to sharing powerful content and championing those who want real industry experience. If you’re passionate about live music, visual arts, film studies, comedy, culture, politics or even satire, we would love to offer you experience, connections and skill building opportunities in your desired field.

You will be required to come in one day a week to our office in Armadale (VIC) to work amongst our friendly team writing news segments, reviews, assisting in video content planning and collaborating on feature articles. Prior experience in online writing is preferred but not essential. We look favorably upon those in university and who are familiar with Australia’s local music and arts scene, as this is where our passion and emphasis rests. The qualities we look for in our interns are:

  • Passionate and well-rounded opinions about popular culture, music and arts;
  • The ability to write to a deadline and communicate in a team environment;
  • Openness and curiosity in discovering new music, arts and culture locally and internationally;
  • Interest in planning, conducting and writing interviews with musicians, artists and topics;
  • And the ability to creatively approach tasks with enthusiasm.


Being an intern at Speaker TV provides an opportunity to showcase your work on an established platform and monthly nationwide television program. With a friendly team connecting and supporting you, the experience and skills you will gain through our creative opportunities will be invaluable; full of professional feedback, events and most of all, critical industry experience that can help you get your foot in the door.

Speaker TV is also a credited platform for music and culture writing, with exposure to thousands of national and international viewers monthly. You will also have the opportunity and guidance of interviewing artists during content stories, Speaker Sessions and seasonal events that typically revolve around producing bespoke video content.


If you wish to apply for this position, please send either a short review (gig or album) you have written recently OR an article that champions your passions to monique@speakertv.com. Please include in the email a few sentences about yourself, i.e. your age, what university you attend, what artists/topics/hobbies you’re interested in, past experience if any, etc.

Please note: You must be available for one whole day during the working week during the working week for the duration of three months. Internship positions are unpaid, however, it provides great experience in editorial publication, communication, networking, and media industries. Of course, you will also have many possibilities to attain free gig, exhibition, performance and festival tickets; alongside going the team on a paid position after completion. 

Cover image by Teresa Pham.