Are you a photorealist artist?

Ready to pack your life up and move to London?

Ever dreamt of working for one of the most controversial artists of our time?

Well look no further as Damien Hirst is hiring!

Last week the Guardian jobs posted a small and unassuming add that the iconic Damien Hirst is searching for some highly talented photorealist artists to join his team of creators.

The add boasts a ‘Competitive Salary’, with those looking to attain the role having “Experience of working with oil paint, good colour matching skills and attention to detail.” Oh and did we mention a minimum Honours degree in either painting or another art related degree.

“This position is full time, fixed term, and the location will be in either London or Devon.” The add says.

There will no doubt be an influx of applications, and to make matters all the more competitive, the job is only open until today!

7 days to find a full-time creative genius to join his crew sounds impossible, but I don’t know about you,  I’m about ready to pack up my paintbrushes and go!

Applications close today so brush up your resumés before it’s too late!