Sydney Shoegazers Ly, Alex Watts, Julian Cerreto and Tim Shorten aka Cull have revealed ‘Truth Bomb’ the third single from their forthcoming album Aloft due for release in October.

Originally setting out to write and record an EP, the band have instead ended up with a full-length album, an 11 song journey through love, loss and loft beds.

‘Truth Bomb’ is a further exploration of previous singles that ‘Magi Fuel’ and ‘Nasty Drought’, that will also appear on the album.  It’s a straight-up love song that the band’s frontman wrote for a bed that became a studio, a retreat, a friend, then something much more. Drenched in reverb and a chaotic wall of fuzz guitar, ‘Truth Bomb’ takes you in and out of dreamlike slumbers between snoozing and being awoken by large crashes of sounds.

Aloft is bound to one of the more eclectic-sounding guitar albums of 2015 and is due for release in October.