There’s something about Brisbane’s Cub Sport that is so naturally hypnotic. After sailing airwaves in 2012 with ‘Evie’ and touring the most of Australia’s long, hot motorways, their time to settle down and focus on their work arrived. It clearly shows.

Rich with warm undertones, ‘Only Friend’ is the abounding teaser for their upcoming debut This Is Our Vice. Sweltering under a glaze of monophonic synths, the single is sonically spacious and foreboding; drawing long breaths between lyrical pressure points and the light, airy drums that insistently follow.

There’s a faint edge in ‘Only Friend’ that’s effortlessly nostalgic, caught between instrumentals of ’80s electronic and ’90s alternative rock. The single balances a kind of bedroom writing that’s softly charming – you imagine Tim Nelson lounging about one evening as he writes the vocals confidently – and it’s this creative isolation that is clearly texturised. If this is the direction of Cub Sports sound, then This Is Our Vice will easily be one of the most anticipated Australian releases of 2016. You bet, I’ve called it.