After what has been a monumental year for Brisbane’s favourite punk rock three-piece Columbus, which saw them amaze audiences at Brisbane Soundwave and release their nationally acclaimed EP Home Remedy, We explored the mind of vocalist Alex Moses ahead of their enormous start to 2016 in which they will grace the stages of Unify A Heavy Music Gathering.

How did Columbus form and where did you get your name from?
Columbus formed just after the end of school in late 2011. Daniel who plays drums and I (Alex – Guitar/Vox), had known each other for years, but we met Ben (Bass) in a Jazz band at High-school. We started jamming and writing songs and played our first show in March 2012. The name Columbus was just one pulled out of a hat in amongst another myriad of names, and as most bands usually are, being frustrated from trying to choose we all agreed on ‘Columbus’.

Do you have any pre-gig rituals?
Generally pre-show I’m walking around with my earphones in singing weird vocal warm-ups. We all have our own little warm-ups we do, but no real pre-gig rituals. I’ve become quite fond of a little glass of whisky before a show, though.

What has been your most memorable show as a band so far?
We’d probably all unanimously agree that 2015 Soundwave has been the most memorable show we’ve played. Another stand-out show for me, however, would probably be the Brisbane AA headline we played in Feb 2015 at 199 in West End. It was a tiny 90-cap room and was just such a packed, sweaty and fun show.

What is your creative process like as a band?
The creative process starts with me coming up for an idea for a song and writing the chords, lyrics/melodies and basic structure. Once this rough acoustic version of the song is done I’ll send it off to Daniel and Ben and let them know the basic chords/notes I used so they can write bass and drums parts. We’ll generally then just practice that song until we’re happy with it.

2015 has been a big year for you guys, notably kicking it off huge fashion by playing Soundwave- How would you describe the whole experience?
As mentioned above, Soundwave was a very memorable day for us. Just rocking up to such a huge production and seeing trucks unloading stacks of gear with tags like “Slash” and “Slipknot” on the side was pretty surreal. Playing on the main stage was amazing, we’ve never been so far apart from each other at a show! After we played we were allowed to roam backstage and were lucky enough to meet a few of the other bands. All up it was such a crazy day for us.

Just a year on from releasing The Downsides of Being Honest how have you as a band found the journey so far, and how does it match up in comparison to your expectations?
Releasing Downsides of Being Honest was a huge milestone for us, and really gave us so many more opportunities than we would have expected. At the time, we didn’t really have very big expectations. We were pretty happy making music we enjoyed making and really just wanted to play as many cool shows as we could and see where that took us. The journey since then, however, has been much more than we expected. We were able to do our first ‘real’ Australian Tour off the back of Downsides with Trophy Eyes and Endless Heights and open so many doors that we didn’t even know about before. We’re just stoked we were able to tour as much as we’ve been able to, and that other people have enjoyed listening to our music as much as we enjoy making it.

Describe your band in 5 words or less.
Rainy-day punk rock

Who are you looking forward to seeing at Unify Festival?
Personally, I can’t wait to see Void of Vision, who I’ve never really had the chance to properly see, and our boys in Trophy Eyes and Hands Like Houses. Not going to lie, pretty excited to see Parkway Drive close out the night as well.

Where do you hope 2016 will take you?
We’re currently deep into writing some new music for our debut full-length album, which we’ll be tracking in 2016. We’re really excited to see where new music will take us and releasing an album as well as getting overseas to tour are our main goals for 2016.

Don’t miss your chance to catch Columbus captivate audiences on their Road To Unify run of dates with Trophy Eyes finishing up the run with what is set to be a not to be missed performance at the second annual UNIFY festival.

You are able to download their EP Home Remedy for free via their Bandcamp

January 14th
Sooki Lounge, Belgrave
Tickets available HERE

January 15th
Pier Hotel, Frankston
Tickets available HERE

January 16th
UNIFY-A Heavy Music Gathering, Tarwin Meadows 18+
Tickets available HERE