One of Melbourne’s most esteemed music education facilities, COLLARTS, have just announced the opening of their latest campus located on Brunswick St, Fitzroy. The opening of the campus will embody the artistic charisma that COLLARTS nurtures by celebrating with an exhibition, so typical of Melbourne’s northern suburbs. 

The DIGS exhibition, curated by acclaimed photographer Zo Damage, will feature photographic and illustrative works by artists such as Rennie Ellis, Phillip Morris, Tim Molloy, Paul Pirie and many, many more.

The purpose of this exhibition is to pay homage to the array of musical milestones that positions Melbourne to be one of the most pivotal cities in both music and art culture in the nation. Additionally, DIGS aims to celebrate the people of Melbourne and their undying love and loyalty to the cities diverse music scene.

DIGS features images from The Meanies’ grimy inception, to the 2010 SLAM rally where over 20,000 Melbourne citizens fought with ardour to protect the reputation of Melbourne’s music scene and, subsequently, were able to re-open one of Melbourne’s most iconic rock venues, The Tote.

Essentially, DIGS is an exhibition to commemorate the growth and evolution of Melbourne’s eclectic music/art scene which, fittingly, ties in with the expansion of one of Melbourne’s leading music industry educators, COLLARTS.

The DIGS exhibition kicks off this coming Monday, the 30th of May at COLLARTS’ new campus on 209 Brunswick St, Fitzroy – and it’s free.