Let’s get real for a second: Does horse racing have any truly productive, fundamental or necessary place in Australian culture? According to local hoodlums Clowns, the answer is simple; “Fuck Horse Racing.” It’s a pretty bold statement to yell out in the Australian public, especially if you were to do so around freckly/cashed up boga-I mean, proud individuals, who love a bev’ or five amongst Australiana’s most prestigious and uncomfortable gambling celebration. To take your mind off the whip (pun sadly intended), Clowns have made a little playlist to help tune and unwind your mind from the madness. If there’s anything you want to get shit-faced to over the long weekend, it should be this – after all, what the animals go through is, well, a whole lot of horse shit.

Clowns’ “Fuck Horse Racing” Cup Weekend Playlist

Frenzy Rhomb – Greyhound
“Remember folks, ‘it’s not cruelty if you inject enough amphetamines.”

Cosmic Kahuna – Fitzroy Fuzz
“Playing with us at both of shows this weekend to help boycott the spring carnival.”

Mesa Cosa – Shoplifter
“They say it’s the race that stops the nation. May as well use this opportunity to take advantage of the five-finger discount Coles are having.”

Ecco Vandal – White Flag
“What a banger!”

Hard-Ons – I Do I Do I Do
“Need some feel good hits to block out that damn race? I Do, I Do, I Do!”

Stone Valley – Ameoba
“What a better way to avoid the race then at The Bendigo Hotel on Cup Day. Make sure to get there early and check these kids straight out of Princes Hill Secondary!”

The Bennies – Livin’ Sleazy
“Every public holiday needs a theme song, here is mine.”

Rose Tattoo – Nice Boys
“Because this song rules!”

Clowns – Never Enough

And finally, if you want to trade the horse racing madness with some effortless live music, feel free to come to the below gigs in support of Clowns!

Monday 2nd November (CUP EVE)
Ding Dong Lounge, Melbourne
w/ Batpiss, Mesa Cosa & Cosmic Kahuna

Tuesday 3rd November (CUP DAY)
The Bendigo Hotel, Collingwood ALL AGES
w/ Hard-Ons, Ecco Vandal, Cosmic Kahuna, Stone Valley & Horrible People

For ticket info, head to: https://www.facebook.com/events/1639216129681411/