It’s been three years since these boys from Melbourne shook up the scene with their Movements EP, and while critics have been patiently waiting, they have been stirring up some new direction, on a little more matured pallet. City Calm Down dropped their new single ‘Rabbit Run’ earlier this morning, announcing it as the lead track of the forthcoming full length debut album, ‘In a Restless House’. The album, to be released 11 September through I OH YOU, should prove to be a step forward for the group. With the hype they created around their EP, the album needs to work in solidifying the fan base they created, and firmly plant their roots into the Australian music market.

The single ‘Rabbit Run’ is similar to the lead of Movements EP ‘Pleasure and Consequence.’ Both tracks had that driving bass guitar, and utilize the lower vocal register of Jack Bourke. Those deep vocals have become characteristic of City Calm Down’s sound; there is a formula there, and an underestimated force if employed in the right way. Differing slightly, the one thing ‘Rabbit Run’ doesn’t have is the many electronic elements in the rhythm section’s makeup. Somewhat surprising, in the track only uses an ambient synth to thicken the mix; there is no electronic ostinato that defined the true 80’s influences of its predecessor.

It’s not all a negative, the band still reminds the listener of classic Joy Division, or a darker relative to The Killers. The brooding vocal lines punctuate the emotions in the lyrics: ‘Believe me / Losing sense of it all / Won’t you mind / Turn the other way.’
The track is constantly pacing, there is a strong sense of direction – or perhaps motivation. It’s like a character is walking briskly through heavy rain to get to their destination. There is no umbrella, their jumping over puddles, but whatever the weather, the variables don’t matter, as long as there is a resolution. That’s the emotional scope a strong pace within a track can create (or perhaps I didn’t get enough sleep last night and I’m feeling highly emotional.)
Regardless, the track is incredibly catchy.

In celebration of the release, City Calm Down will headline a one-off show at the Northcote Social Club on Friday the 10th of July. With Crepes having been added to the mix, tickets for the show can be found on their website – where you can also pre-order yourself a copy of In a Restless House. Check it out here!