Australia’s original rock lady, Chrissy Amphlett this week became the second rock icon to have a Melbourne laneway named after them (following ACDC).

The Divinyls singer received the special honour for her undeniable contribution to local rock, which in turn helped to put Australia on the map.

A seemingly popular trend, street names all over the world have been changed to pay tribute to musicians that have helped shape the cultural significance of the area.

From Dave Grohl Alley in Ohio, RUN-DMC JMJ Way in New York, Flaming Lips Alley in Oklahoma and Korn Row in California to Tupac Lane in Nevada, Frank Zappa Straße in Germany and Shawn “Jay Z” Carter Road in Nigeria, muso’s are being honoured left, right and centre.

The creme de la creme of all street names (arguably) is ‘Destiny’s Child Lane’ coming to a downtown Houston thoroughfare near you soon.

The laneway is located by Melbourne’s CBD behind the Princess Theatre.