Madonna, arguably the absolute queen of pop, is back to fulfil that lingering sense of emptiness present since her last release in 2012.

Rebel Heart (by name and nature) will make it’s way to your hot little ears on March 6th, available for purchase via iTunes.

The album itself represents the duelling counterparts of the songstress and with 19 tracks, it’s fair to say there will a decent insight into the mind of Madonna.

“I have an overabundance of songs, and actually, the reason I wanted to call the record Rebel Heart was because I felt like it explored two very distinct sides of my personality,” she said.

The record features the likes of Nicki Minaj, Chance The Rapper, Nas and (THE) Mike Tyson and guess what, there are already six songs available for your listening pleasure here.

B*TCH, she’s Madonna.