After the high amount of positive feedback and international success from his debut single ‘Spider’s Soul’ last year, Boats (Blake Paterson) is back with another killer singe ‘Shallows’.

‘Shallows’ was premiered on Blahblahblahscience, with the track perfectly demonstrating his eclectic mix of influences to create a dream-like sound, perfect for sitting back and forgetting about your worries. It brings you back down to earth with the use of acoustic guitar, creating a unique ethereal blend that is still full of body and life.

Shallows comes from Boats’ upcoming EP Release, produced by Joshua Delaney (Rat & Co, SMILE) and mastered by Andrei Eremin (Chet Faker, Oscar Key Sung).

If this single release is anything to go by, the EP will be one worth waiting for. Boats’ EP release date is yet to be confirmed.

Stay updated via his website.