Groovin’ the Moo Bendigo has come and gone in a dusty haze of alcohol, heat and great music!

Celebrating yet another sellout Bendigo Fest, GTM helped show why it once again reigns supreme as one of the best day Festivals in the Country.

The atmosphere was filled with the anxious excitement and slight intoxication of the thousands-strong crowd, getting into the spirit of the bush with cow costumes, bucket hats and man buns as far as the eye could see.

Set up over Bendigo’s expansive show ground, I couldn’t help but notice the similarities to the now dead and gone BDO Fest – the red and blue main stages, the tent-like secondary stage (Moulin Rouge for GTM, Boiler Room for BDO), and the local-DJ space. The crowd seemed to hark back to the past BDO fanbase, seeming as though the youth dedicated to BDO have moved out of the city and into the country with the insurgence of Groovin’ the Moo.

All similarities aside, GTM presented a wide base of new, local and international acts, the highlights being Hermitude, Hilltop Hoods, Meg Mac and Charli XCX.

Flight Facilities headlined the day, jam-packing the Moulin Rouge tent for their set, which was amazing on all accounts. Encouraging the crowd to get up onto strangers shoulders, scream the lyrics and dance, Flight Facilities cemented their place as the best of the Fest, their whimsical arrangements and strong vocals of favourites like ‘Clair de Lune’ and ‘Two Bodies’ had the whole crowd on their feet.

As the Festival-goers return to Melbourne nursing hangovers, dust-ridden feet and smoke-filled lungs, Bendigo sleeps once again until the party starts again next year.