Deep Dark Savage Heart is the stunning second album from songstress Melody Pool. An album that Pool is incredibly proud of, it takes the listener to a deeper darker place.

Behind every record, there’s a story. It is an artist’s own journey, an emotional ride, and one that’s sometimes full of challenges, but mostly memories and triumphs. We went behind the scenes with Melody Pool on the making of her upcoming album.

How does the album making process begin for you?

Just by songwriting, I guess. There’s no real ritual or initiation in the process. All of that intention comes after the songs are written, I think.

What were the driving forces behind Deep Dark Savage Heart?

In all honesty, depression and expectation – both of them feeding off of each other and getting more intricate and exhausting as time went on.

Where did you record and why did you choose that location?

Alexander The Great Studios in Nashville, which is where I recorded my previous record with Brad Jones. I love being there because Brad and I work so well together and being in another country disconnects my mind from my day-to-day life, so it’s much easier to focus. 

Favourite song title from Deep Dark Savage Heart and how did the title come about?

Deep Dark Savage Heart. I think at the time of writing this album, that title just summed up everything I was feeling and living, which is why it became the album name – because it represented everything the journey was.

How many tracks didn’t make the final cut & what tracks were close?

About 39! I wrote around 50 songs for the record. Some of them I adored and some of them I fucking hated. The tracks that made the final cut were all the ones myself, Brad Jones and Liberation mutually agreed were the best songs, so it made it easier to make a decision since we were all pretty much unanimous.  

What were some of the challenges you faced while making the Deep Dark Savage Heart?

The whole record was a challenge! I was dealing with some pretty heavy shit at the time of writing this record, which is why it is so dark, but now that I’m at the other end of it, I’m kind of grateful for the trials. Kind of!  

Favourite moment in the studio?

Listening to Brad Jones work with Hayley (violin) and Maddy (cello) on their string parts. I can’t even comprehend those instruments haha. Watching arrangements being created is really sublime.

Do you feel it’s important for your lyrics to be printed in your liner notes? 

Shit yeah. It’s like the most important thing to me in album design. All my songs rely so heavily on their lyrical content, and they’re also the part of my songwriting that I’m most proud of.

How long did it take to make Deep Dark Savage Heart from inception to mastering? 

I think around 3 years – from the time I finished recording the last album, I started writing the next.

Who was the first person to hear the full-completed album in its entirety? 

Two of my American pals; Annabel Henley and Kenneth Pattengale. Annabel has been surrounded by music her whole life (and knows great music) and Kenneth is one-half of the Milk Carton Kids, so both opinions meant so much to me. They both lost their shit over it, which made me very chuffed and excited!  

How many different album titles were under consideration and what were they?

There were none really. I didn’t know what the album was going to be called until I wrote Deep Dark Savage Heart and it seemed to be the only name in my head for this record.

Describe Deep Dark Savage Heart in three words…

Honest, defiant, vulnerable.

Melody Pool album cover

Melody Pool Deep Dark Savage Heart Tour

Friday 13 May
Shadow Electric, Melbourne, VIC (18+)

Wednesday 18 May
Grand Junction Hotel, Maitland, NSW (18+)
Tickets available from venue

Thursday 19 May
5 Sawyers, Newcastle, NSW (18+) 

Friday 20 May
Paddington Uniting Church, Sydney (All Ages)

Saturday 21 May
Front Gallery, Canberra ACT (18+) 

Thursday 26 May
Old Museum, Brisbane (18+)

Sunday 29 May
Trinity Sessions, Adelaide, SA (All Ages)

Deep Dark Savage Heart is out 29 April and available for pre-order through Liberation Music.