Bad Pony have just released their new EP Deficiency. It’s a stunning collection of songs, which demonstrates a bold new direction for the band. We had a chat with Sam from Bad Pony, who took us behind the record.

What were the driving forces behind this EP?

Darkness. I know that’s a pretty grim way to start this interview, but it’s the truth. We were having some pretty dark times (Jarred especially) and that was really reflecting in the music. That being said; we aren’t a dark band, these were just some heavy times that needed the accompaniment of some heavy music.

Where did you record your EP and why did you choose that location?

The majority of the tracking was done at my home studio, with the exception of Zombie, which was tracked at our guitarist Cron’s studio. We usually like recording in the comfort of our home because we can experiment without the worry of racking up costs. We did however work with a few different mixing engineers on this one.

How long did it take to make the EP from inception to mastering?

Just over a year. I think the idea first came about after Jarred and I arranged the title track Deficiency while sitting around a piano going through his voice memos.

What challenges did you face while making the EP?

There are always little random things that go wrong when recording in a home studio (that moved across two different homes). We had to re-track at times. But generally speaking it was all a pretty smooth experience.

Favourite moment/s in the studio?

The writing and arranging process around the song deficiency was definitely one of the cooler moments.

I remember Jarred sending me this new song idea. I sat down and instantly started thinking ‘I really don’t like this’, haha. Then all of a sudden, about a minute and a half through the recording, there was this big sprawling drum fill, then this massive half time chorus hits you (the deficiency chorus). I remember sitting with Jarred at the piano saying ‘scrap everything except that chorus and lets build something around it’.

We spent the next hour going through voice memos and playing piano, changing keys etc until we put the song together. We jumped straight into the studio and demo out what eventually became Deficiency. Which is still my favourite song from the EP

Do you write the music or the lyrics first?

I usually write the music first. I will sing at the same time, but it’s usually gibberish. Eventually I’ll turn that gibberish into lyrics. I know Jarred keeps a lyrics journal with him at all times. He’s definitely far better at turning a phrase than I am.

At what stage of the process do you start considering EP artwork?

Pretty much straight away. I usually have a feeling of what I want the artwork to look like. We then talk about it as a band, then start talking to an artist. Melissa Barrass, who did all the deficiency artwork did a great job of capturing the darkness in the music.

How many different EP titles were under consideration and what were some of the other contenders if any?

Nope, this darker stuff was always going to be Deficiency. I think that track just really summed up the feelings behind the EP.

Who was the first person to hear your finished EP in its entirety?

Probably our managers.

How long generally are your recording sessions and what times of the day or night do you prefer to create music? Do you find different impact the sound and vibe?

It’s less the time of day on night when writing. It’s more about feeling inspired. That being said, I think you need to push yourself to write even when you aren’t feeling inspired. You’d be surprised how often you come up with a decent idea when you least expect it.

When we record, we generally try and put a few weekends aside, or book in a week during the holiday season.

What’s the strangest place you’ve ever recorded in?

Nothing too crazy. Although, I did do some drum takes  in the bathroom while using the toilet as a drum stool…. drum ‘stool’…. get it.. (ashamed emoji)

If you could describe your EP in three words, how would you describe it?

Energetic, dark, emotive.