Melbourne punk rock duo From Oslo are excited to announce the release of their self-titled EP on Friday May 13th via Habit. The band are also excited to reveal they will be tearing it up the east coast this coming June and July showcasing tracks from the EP to audiences in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Melbourne and Hobart.

The bands latest single ‘No Sound’ has been receiving rave reviews from across the board since it’s release. The track quickly added to spot rotation on Triple J and received a 4-star review from Richard Kingsmill stating, “They have the hooks to match the power” as well as Nick Findlay who described the song as “sing-a-long grunge punk that gets stronger after each spin” and landed them a support with Kingswood and Shihad. The track has also been clocking up streams on Spotify having been added to their ‘Straight Up Rock’ Playlist. Chatting with drummer Joel Penman, we got behind the record and talked process, location and inspiration.

How does the EP making process begin for you?
We didn’t really have a plan, we just jumped in the studio and recorded ‘Faking The Benz’ and it ended up being a rad time and we were loving how it sounded, so we thought why don’t we do an EP!

What were the driving forces behind this EP?
I’d say Stone & Wood froffies and Shnitz.

Where did you record and why did you choose that location?
At Hothouse Studios in St Kilda. It all kind of fell into place really, we played a show at The LuWOW in Fitzroy with a band called My Pirhana (who bloody rule btw) and Jez their guitar shredder/vocalist came up to us after we played and said he’s an engineer and that he wanted to record us, so we said um…….yes! And so it began.

Favourite song title from the release and how did the title come about?
Probably ‘Nobody’s Original’, that song had so many different shitty titles, so we just picked that out of the chorus.

Most frustrating moment in the studio?
Nothing, we had such a ripper time! Oh, our manager’s bike got stolen from out the back of the studio but we all thought it was a classic stitch-up, really brought us all together.

Favourite moment/s in the studio?
Probably when Jez told me to do a vocal take but he had auto-tune on, it pretty quickly turned into a Kanye banger! And also I nearly fainted from screaming to hard, that was a fond memory.

From Olso studio

Who was the first person to hear your finish EP in its entirety?
I think it was my old man Brucey, through my iPhone speakers sitting around a campfire drinking a few tins. He bloody loved it, he might be a bit bias though.

Would do you do anything differently if you were to record again?
Yeah, nahhhhhh.

Who designed your EP artwork?
Elliot Hatten, she’s my sister in-law and is a bloody legend. We gave her an idea and she did the rest, super stoked on how it came out.

From Oslo artwork

Was the EP always going to be self-titled or were you throwing other names around?
Again that was something we didn’t really think about, but then when it came to the end of the recording we didn’t want the focus to be on one song because we thought they were all sick! So we thought self-titled was the go. 

If you could describe your EP in three words, how would you describe it?
Tasty like tinnies!


Friday 3rd June
Ric’s Bar, Brisbane | Tickets On door

Sunday 5th June
Frankie’s Pizza, Sydney | Tickets On Door

Friday 10th June
The Great Northern, Byron Bay | Tickets On Door

Saturday 18th June
Cherry Bar, Melbourne | Tickets On Door

Friday 1st July
Crown & Anchor, Adelaide | Tickets On Door

Friday 15th July
The Brisbane Hotel, Hobart | Tickets On Door

Saturday 16th July
The Croxton, Melbourne w/ Shihad and Grenadiers | Tickets from OzTix