Flame emoji seems to be the encapsulation of Baro’s ‘wdubi’ (what do you believe in) featuring fellow emcees Nasty Mars & Marcus.

Producer Nic Martin’s rapid changing production style throughout this piece, as well as the upbeat tempo, make it a dance groove tune that allows room for classic hip-hop lyrical finesse.

The catchy hook is easily memorised leaving you humming it throughout your day. Perfect for your 3pm office pick me up or that long bus ride home. It’s content and rhythm allows it to be all-ages accessible. Mum’s and tots can dance to it, young couples can share headphones over it and young adults can position their crush and upcoming tinder dates to it.

Uncommon for collaborative joints, all three rappers stick to the same topic of the placeholder love interest whom the song is about. This is a message to that individual which would best be translated through poetry.

Baro displays his  flexibility by keeping his flow tight over the soul and jazz elements as well as the heavy hitting 808s.

In a current trap dominated hip-hop scene this polished gem could withstand radio commercialisation alongside heavy-hitting titans Chance The Rapper, Vic Mensa and Childish Gambino.

‘wdubi feat. Nasty Mars & Marcus’ available May 27 via Create/Control & teamtrick