I’ve never seen a skit show quite like Aunty Donna’s, but god, is it hilarious!

Starting their hour-long show off as the Bubble Boys, a German renegade art group who have been overshadowed by Aunty Donna, the performance was full of hilarious 1-liners, skits and an underlying theme of the Bubble-Boys vowing revenge on Aunty Donna by Kidnapping them mid-show.

After watching ‘Trendy Cafe’, ‘Bikie Musical’ and a menagerie of their other skits online, I came into the performance wondering what facade they would play this time. Would they be over enthused? Sarcastic? or a mix of all? To my excitement and surprise, they played so many different personas it was hard to keep track! Overwhelming the crowd with their excitement as they burst onto stage, the boys jumped from stage to backstage and throughout the audience’s scared, shocked and excited faces.

From eating each other’s face, to breaking off their cocks, to text messages from their parents, the thing that surprised me the most about their performance was the incredible amount of energy and vibrance they bought to the stage. They practically bounded out of the wings, mixing well-rehearsed music numbers with lights, interaction with the crowd and singling out the poor front row, which at my event was full of pre-teens, who were the brunt of the evening’s jokes.

The highlight of the show for me, however, was the interval. Running through the crowd with a bucket screaming “Who has to take a shit?!” and relieving the parched crowd with water guns and hair dryers for ‘Fresh air,’ I was in absolute stitches at the sheer fun and light-hearted take they have on the idea of a ‘theatre experience.’

To me, the Aunty Donna crew encapsulate modern Australian Comedy. They don’t single out and satire a particular group, religion or political side; they are just inexplicably light-hearted and funny.

For anyone wanting to relax, laugh their heads off and enjoy a good skit show, I would definitely recommend seeing Aunty Donna.


Aunty Donna is currently playing at ACMI for MICF till next week! for Tickets and Info, check out the MICF website.