Here is a new one from British duo of pop, Aquilo. Dropping their new single ‘Calling Me’ in lieu of their forthcoming EP Calling Me out this Friday 29th of May. It’s crossing the border from raw and vulnerable to groovy and electronic.
Leaps and bounds since last year’s release Human, Tom Higham and Ben Fletcher have well and truly developed their sound.

The film clip rounds out the storyline – showing an internal struggle of a homosexual ballet dancer trying to find solitude within his reality. It marries quite well to the track, shining a torch on just how emotionally sincere the melodic construction is. It’s gentle, and the long swooping vocals of the verses sit comfortably amongst the thick muffled bass.
A sudden thought of disbelief / clouds my ever conscience / but how do we seek refuge here / I panic a bit to find that this is all I’ve got / I panic a bit to find that this is all I need.
I’m all for emotional sincerity, particularly when it relates to a relevant social issue of our time.

The EP will be released through B3SCI / Island Records, housing talent such as Disclosure, Florence & The Machine, and Mumford & Sons. I for one am looking forward to what the EP has to offer, the direction the boys are going in seems very current, like a love child between Jarryd James and AlunaGeorge. Give it a play!