Street art and Graffiti Art are some of the most innovative forms of public art making, the artists imagination only limited by the size of the wall they choose to create on.

Apeseven, a local artist from Sydney is one of the most dynamic graffiti artists in Australia, and has just finished an exhibition ‘Deifik’ in Melbourne and a bunch of collaborations in Sydney. With a group exhibition ‘Bohemian Grove’ opening on the 16th of November, we sat down with Apeseven and spoke to him about his art inspirations, favourite mediums and his plans for next year.

How did you get into Street Art / Art creation in general?
I have always drawn and sketched my entire life, in primary school I was that kid that did the illustrations for other students creative writing papers. It was not until the early 2000’s that I started experimenting with street art as a means to bypass biased formal channels of communication. A pivotal meeting with a Portland based artist “Klutch” and subsequent invitiation to be part of the Vinyl Killers genre was my initially move into gallery culture.



Image, Just Another Project Space, Deifik Exhibition

Your current work focuses on elements of alchemy and evolution – what got you interested in these areas?
Im a Darwinian first and foremost and I fundamentally believe that humans should constantly be trying to evolve to better themselves emotionally, academically and physically. Alchemy is simply that process of purifying oneself through thought, word and deed to achieve that evolution.

 You work with a mix of different mediums, from aerosol to inks and found objects; which is your favourite?
My favourite is still pure unadulterated pencil. Its simple and yet provides stunning results. I love using aerosol on street as well because of the speed with which you can paint.


Image, Just Another Project Space, Deifik Exhibition

How does working with such a disparate amount of materials influence /shape your artworks?
Mixed media creates in my opinion creates more context, it essentially grabs multiple strings and ties them together to make a more cohesive illusion.

 You work within the ideas of the potential and imagined worlds – what are your main inspirations?
My alternate life working in Radiology provides the basis for my inspiration, having to constantly learn and apply new imaging techniques and technology.

Do you draw your inspiration from your experiences/ things seen in life or are they purely imaginary?
Imagination is fundamentally derived from ones experiences of the real world, so I would have to say from my experiences, emotions and memories from my life.


Image, Apeseven Sydney projects

 Is your work quite introspective?
Exploring innerspace is far more rewarding, because it enables one to understand the outerspace(real world) with far more patience and resilience. At times works seem introspective but the objective is to understand the greater bigger picture of where this world is heading.

 A lot of your work features this skull-like crest that appears to be an animal skull, is there any particular symbolic meaning or conceptual basis behind this?
Basically at the heart of it, its about creating layers which we humans hide behind in an attempt to not be overwhelmed from the true chaotic nature of the universe.


Image, Just Another Project Space, Deifik Exhibition

What is the main ideas/aesthetics behind your exhibition Deifik in Melbourne last month?
Deifik uncovers the divine organic design in skeletal structural systems. Complex biofeedback landscapes take form and flight, with redevelopment of old structures to provide the framework for new life.

Does the title Deifik hold any significance to you and your work?
“Deific” or my version “Deifik” simply means divine. Evolved design which is perceived as divine design.

Do you prefer to create art on the street or in an exhibition space?
As in the “Deifik” body of work, street art and exhibition work provide a never ending feedback loop of ideas and machination.



Image, Just Another Project Space, Deifik Exhibition

How was it working as part of Sydney street art project?
SSAP provide some great spaces to create works in the public forum. Its always a pleasure collaborating with them.

Where are you based normally?
Sydney, Australia

You have a group exhibition coming up in Glebe in November called ‘Bohemian Grove’ –how did you become involved in this?
Julio from El camino events emailed me and simply asked me to be part of the event because he believed my work would suit the events theme.

What does the name Bohemian Grove mean in relation to the exhibition?
To me it means artistic pursuit into the surreal.


Image, Apeseven Facebook page

Is the exhibition a collection of works or were the works collaborative?
A collection of works based on the theme presented. Travel and surreal.

What are your plans for next year?
Travelling to Japan and the USA to snowboard and paint with good friends on the west coast of the USA. Also heading to Alaska to explore mountain ranges. Another solo exhibition is in the works based primarily on my current street works of the female form.

Catch Apeseven @ Bohemian Grove in Glebe from November 16th-December

Watch Apeseven in Action at his ‘Deifik’ Exhibition:

Deifik by Apeseven from Just Another Agency on Vimeo.