One of the most well-respected Australian music photographers, Kane Hibberd, gave us an insight into his photography style, his favourite photos, shooting musicians and his all time favourite gig.

What made you want to become a photographer?
Travel photography actually made me pick up a camera and start figuring out what all the settings did in manual mode. I used to travel a lot internationally for an old job by myself and would have a lot of time on my hands, so I would often wander about taking photos. I began shooting gigs when I had a small record label with some friends and we needed some pics for our website.

Dan_Sultan_2014_fullDan Sultan

When I went back to study photography, I discovered that I wasn’t very good at shooting interiors or landscapes, but was quite good at shooting people, (which at the time I hated). So because I needed models for my classes and my friends were in bands, I sort of fell into shooting portrait shots for bands.

CW_Horse_FullC.W. Stoneking

What do you love most about photographing musicians?
Live, I love trying to capture that one defining moment that can put a visual element to the show.


Portraits; I love trying to again put a visual element to the musicians music, it could be a conceptual idea;


or it could be exposing a part of the musicians personality.

Vance_Joy_Cover_fullVance Joy

What was your favourite artist/music event you’ve photographed?
I think that’s impossible to answer, I’ve shot so many gigs over the last 10 years that they all tend to become a blur.
Being a part of Soundwave 2013 was a highlight. Such a massive lineup with Metallica, Blink 182, Linkin Park, The Offspring, and it is definitely one big travelling circus.

ADTR_2013_FullA Day To Remember, Soundwave 2013

Your style is very up close and raw when photographing live events – how do you grasp the energy and atmosphere of the gig in your lens?
I like to try and give the viewer a front row seat to gigs and also a point of view that most will never get to experience in real life.

Dave Grohl

Marilyn_Manson_2009_FullMarilyn Manson

There’s nothing like crouching down next to a drummer and feeling the energy from them and the crowd all at once!

TLE_Palace_2011_fullThe Living End

OMaM_2013_FullOf Mice and Men

What band/musician would you love to photograph?
I’ve never had the chance to photograph AC/DC live or in a portrait shoot, so that would be cool, but I kind of wish I could have done that in the late 70’s. All the others are no longer with us, Cobain, Cash, Bon Scott, Dimebag.

Mariachi_El_Bronx_Vs_Bronx_FullMariachi El Bronx vs Bronx

Do you have a photography bucket list?
It’s not really about bands for me, it’s about AAA access.

1975_Backstage_2014_FullBackstage with 1975

What made you create your Kanye lens shop? Why did you decide to call it so?
It was a nickname that was given to me many years ago on a tour. I thought it might be a cool name to use as a brand for me as photographer.


What areas of photography would you like to explore more in 2015?

I like working within the music industry so I’ll keep continuing to do that, but I’m working on some personal projects which are more art based.


Aside from the gigs you have to shoot, what is your own personal music taste?
I can appreciate a little bit of everything, but I certainly lean towards guitar-based music.

DZ_FullDZ Deathrays

At the moment, I’m on the Courtney Barnett bandwagon, Hellions, Luca Brasi, Clowns, Violent Soho, Smith Street, Trophy Eyes, Northlane, etc, etc.

Violent_soho_Bass_FullViolent Soho

What are your top 5 favourite photos you’ve taken of musicians?
In no particular order:

The Amity Affliction


Where would you photograph yourself to best sum up your personality?
Good question, probably on a rollercoaster, because I have continual doubts and confidence about myself and my work.


What are your plans for photography in 2015?
Continuing to shoot great work, keep pushing on with my personal work, and to feed myself regularly.

Cut Copy

Cut_Copy_Window_2011_full copy