So you’re planning on having a house party.
You’d like the party to be super cool, you’d like it to be dark, everyone wearing black or grey, perhaps a red nylon sports jacket thrown in here and there, and you’d like all your mates to think that you are just the coolest person they know.
That’s the dream right? it’s like being voted the prom queen of Fitzroy North.
After listening to this collection of remixes, Andrei Eremin’s new EP might just be the remedy.

This new EP Recycling (2013-2015) is a celebration of his experience in the electronic scene. Based in Melbourne, Eremin is an esteemed producer and musician who has worked with the likes of Chet Faker, Miami Horror and Hiatus Kayote – so he’s got the track record to back it up.
It’s a collection of remixes that show an intelligent understanding of rhythm and soundscapes. The tracks harbour dexterity, with great rounds of energy, kind of like it’s bred for sociality (sociality meaning; play it at your next house party).
And the best thing about it? its free.
The bundle holds remixes of Juicy J, Milwaukee Banks, Japanese Wallpapers, and I’lls, with Eremin releasing the EP through Bandcamp for free download.

Download the EP here, it will be worth your weight in new friend requests.
If you become a fan, keep an ear out for a solo EP of original material to be released mid 2015, with some very special guest appearances. Can’t say who, but mystery only builds temptation.