The music-photography industry is a tough one to crack. We sat down with Photographer Jayden Ostwald about making it into music photography, his favourite musicians and top 5 photos.

What made you want to become a photographer?
As Cliche as it sounds, I just really enjoyed being able to capture thoughts and emotions in a time and place and being able to take something away from events. As I started taking more photos I realised that people actually liked them. I came up with a dorky photography name, which I later ditched for something more original and professional.

What do you love most about photographing musicians?
What do I love about photographing musicians… That’s a tough one to pin point. I think it’s a combination of the artist, basing their whole lives to performing for others, sharing their talent as well as the fact that their fans have paid to see them perform live. No matter what genre, everyone wants to be there; it’s pretty cool when you think about it.

What was your favorite artist/music event you’ve photographed?
I have had to write/delete/re-write this answer a few times. If I had to pick one event, it would have to be last years Groovin the Moo. It was my first time attending and shooting the Bendigo based festival and it didn’t disappoint. The organisers do a magnificent job in organising the line up and lay out, it made it easy to get creative and really enjoy the festival.

Groovin The Moo 2014

What would you say your photography style is? 

I’m constantly developing my own shooting and editing style, I’d have to say I’m candid and somewhat minimal, but I find it quite fun shooting with lenses which force you to do a little more thinking about your composition, rather than just a standard photo.

What band/musician would you love to photograph?
I mainly listen to a lot of electronic music, which kind of came about as I spent a lot of time working in nightclubs around 17-19 years old, so I rarely find myself listening to anything other, therefore, having no idea how to answer this. Kanye would be cool to shoot. Regardless of how self obsessed he is, I think his darker vibe would be really great to capture.

What was it like photographing big name musicians such as Lorde and Macklemore?
Lorde was really great to shoot (Laneway, 2014), as you can probably imagine, every other photographer thought the same thing, which can lead to a very congested photo pit! Laneway tour was right around the time she really started to blow up, so I was really impressed to see her live up to her name.
Macklemore (Future, 2014) was exactly what I imagined. A big performer with a large stage presence led to having a lot of opportunities for different angles and shots.
I’d definitely love to shoot both artists again, however ideally, it’d be in a large venue such as Festival Hall or even Rod Laver Arena.


Do you have a photography bucket list?
My biggest realistic goal is to tour. Be it with an artist or with a festival, I just love the mayhem that goes with constant shows one after the other, and being able to give my insight to it. I’d also love to shoot some commercial campaigns for organisations with a lot of exposure, with my images being seen by the thousands.

Does your style differ between the different genres of photography you work in?
I try to keep all my work looking similar, however you can’t always achieve that depending on the clients requests and what you’re shooting. Even better shooting musicians and DJ’s, I find my work very different.


Aside from the gigs you have to shoot, what is your own personal music taste?

As mentioned, I listen to a lot of electronic music. Through high school I went from clinging to my ministry of sound CDs, to a year or two of Kings Of Leon, Coldplay etc, before coming back to electronic music. I personally found that dance and electronic music really helped pick up my mood, a few songs that could always make me want to dance, regardless of how I felt; a big help for me in definitely.

What are your top 5 favourite photos you’ve taken of musicians?

I’ll do my best, but I’m probably one of the most indecisive people with my work!






Future Music Festival 2014




BTV promo

Where would you photograph yourself to best sum up your personality?
I don’t think I could nail a specific location, however I would love to do a crowd surfing selfie. I do enjoy a good selfie

What are your plans for photography in 2015?
Is it too silly to say take more photos? To be honest I thought I’d be taking a step back this year, probably finding a full time job and just come back to it with a new insight.
Touring though, that is pretty much the pinnacle for me at the moment.