We sat down with Photographer David Reece and spoke to him about his life in Australia, favourite food to eat while editing and Zoo Sessions:

What made you want to become a photographer?
I’ve always loved taking photos and I find there is something really special about catching moments in time. I started getting into it seriously after my friends’ band, Sons of May, asked me to take some photos at one of their gigs in Melbourne. I loved it and in that moment I knew I just wanted to keep on doing it.

What do you love most about photographing musicians?
There’s almost always so much energy on and off stage at gigs so photographing musicians just opens up the opportunities to capture them and their connection with their fans in full swing. I love listening and watching live music, in general, so to be able to get up close with my camera and photograph musicians is probably the perfect combination of two of my favourite things.


What was your favourite music event you’ve photographed?
I’ve only really being photographing music events for just over a year now but I’d have to say that shooting Falls Music and Arts Festival in Tasmania has been the highlight without a doubt. So many great acts with different styles made it really interesting and a lot of fun and I came away with some of my best shots to date. It was also a lot of fun to walk around the crowds, campsites, food stalls just taking photos of people in full festival mode having a great time.

How does photographing at a concert like the Zoo Sessions differ to shoots like Falls Festival? Do you have to change your style to suit the places you shoot?
I still feel that I am working towards finding out what my style is at the moment. So style-wise I don’t tend to think about it too much. I’m just trying to make sure I can get into the right areas and get the shots I feel I need for that particular band or artist.


The Zoo sessions and Falls Festival are totally different environments and I’d only been to the Zoo as a kid, so to turn up to photograph a music event at one was really quite strange, but a lot of fun. The Zoo was much more intimate though, whereas Falls was a lot more frantic. At Falls, I’d take the photos from one band, rush back to the media tent to load them onto the laptop and then head back out before the next show started.

Do you have a photography bucket list?
I’d really love to take my cameras travelling and go to places like South American and Africa to capture some of the amazing people and places those countries have to offer. I’m doing some of the photography for a friends wedding in Bali later in the year, so I’m aiming to kick start my attempts a travel photography whilst I’m there.

I’d also love to get the chance to photograph my favourite band, Incubus. They’ve just released the first of their two E.P’s so I’m really hoping to get the chance to make this happen when they go on tour.


Has living in Australia inspired your photography?
It’s not only inspired my photography but it has also enabled me to be a photographer. I’m originally from the U.K (yep, another pom) where the cost of living is so high that I just wouldn’t have been in able to afford to save up to buy any camera gear. Since moving to Australia and Melbourne especially, there’s just so much to do and see that I’m constantly finding new places and jotting down reminders so that I can go back and take photos. The weather over here is also a lot more camera friendly than the U.K.

What’s your favourite food to snack on when doing photo edits or on a shoot?
My eating habits are probably not great at the best of times as I’m usually out and about so you will usually find me snacking on a bar of chocolate or bag of chips to help me through the editing process. When I’m going to venue’s for shows though I usually try and make sure I’ve had something substantial to eat, that way I can focus on what I’m doing without feeling the need to dive into the nearest takeaway shop.

Where would you photograph yourself to best sum up your personality?
Somewhere that’s chilled out and relaxing, that’s pretty much me.


What are your top 5 favourite photos you’ve taken?
This is a hard one. It’s almost like trying to pick your favourite child. I would say that my favourite photo would be of John Butler from Falls Festival. If I had to pick four more, I would probably say my photos of Alison Wonderland, Vance Joy, Empire of the Sun and Andy Sylvio stand out above the others.

What music are you listening to right now?
Well, as I mentioned before, my favourite band is Incubus and they have just released the first of two E.P’s so I’ve had that on a repeat lately. I like to mix it up though so I’ve been listening to London Grammer, Alison Wonderland, Hozier, Broods and Mumford and Sons.


What’s your favourite venue in Melbourne to photograph and why?
My favourite venue has probably been the Forum. The lighting is great there and that really gives me the chance to get some shots that really stand out with a punch. You can also move about the crowd easily and find some good angles for shots.

It’s a close one though, I have really enjoyed shooting at 170 Russell too.

What else have you got on the cards this year?
I’m looking to branch out towards the end of this year and start trying to do some wedding photography. I also have a side project called Melbourne Unplugged that involves shooting videos in and around Melbourne for local musicians that are trying to get their music heard. The music and arts scene is a great area to be involved in and I’m really looking forward to exploring it more throughout the rest of the year and beyond.

Find out more about Dave at www.davereecephotography.com