Fashion, music and art photography is truly one of the most exciting and innovative areas.
Amazing Sydney Photographer Daniel Boud (Boudist) spoke to us about music,
his photography style, and working with The Australian Ballet in a recent interview.

What made you want to become a photographer?
It sounds simple, but I just love shooting pictures. I was never good at art, but I enjoyed documenting things on camera. When I was younger I never imagined I could ever make a living as a photographer. It wasn’t till my mid-twenties that I started getting paid gigs and the idea this could become more than just a hobby took hold.

What do you love most about photographing musicians?
I’ve always been a rapacious music fan and loved all the imagery that surrounds music. I love the music press and album artwork and tour posters and all that stuff. I’m a lousy singer and can’t play an instrument, so documenting musicians is my way of being part of the scene I love.

A Man Named Stu

What was your favorite artist/music event you’ve photographed?
I just got home from shooting The Laneway Festival across 5 cities, so that’s in my mind and was pretty awesome. Every year they manage to book really special acts and travelling on the tour and being part of the traveling circus that a festival is is great fun.

How was it photographing at Triple J’s beat the drum in Sydney?
It was like catching up with old friends, there were a lot of bands I’ve shot or worked with before on the bill. And Homebake used to be one of my annual festivals to shoot in the Domain, so it was a bit of a repeat of those memories.

I also got to shoot The Preatures from the stage, and it’s great seeing a band like that take their performance to the next level like that.

Leeds Festival 2013

What band/musician would you love to photograph?
I’d love to shoot someone like David Bowie or Jack White. Legends who also have a considered aesthetic.

Do you have a photography bucket list?
Not really anymore, I just take things as they come.

Rhys Nicholson

How does your photography style differ from a corporate shoot and a live performance?
I do all sorts of photography so I’m quite used to adapting to the circumstances. The main difference depends on whether I’m shooting a performance, in which case I usually can’t control any of the elements like the lighting or actions of the subject, or if it’s a shoot where I control it. So I can light things myself and direct the subject.

Romance Was Born 'Magic Mushroom' MBFWA 2013

Aside from the gigs you have to shoot, what is your own personal music taste?
Like I said, I just came off the Laneway Festival tour and that aligns pretty closely with my taste. Right now, I really dig St Vincent, Caribou, Future Islands and Mac DeMarco. That might also be because I’ve just photographed them 5 times in a row.

What areas of photography would you like to explore more in 2015?
I just did a big shoot for The Australian Ballet, photographing portraits of their entire company of 70 dancers. That was incredible working with subjects like that who are so athletic and graceful. And who enjoy collaborating to create the best possible photo. So more dance photography would be good.

Australian Ballet Swan Lake dancers at Icebergs

What are your top 5 favourite photos you’ve taken of musicians?
I’m terribly self-critical and couldn’t ever single out favourites of all time. I also have an awful memory, so can’t recall what I shot over a week ago.


Emperor Luke Steele - Empire of the Sun

Where would you photograph yourself to best sum up your personality?
To best sum up the reality it would probably be me slumped in a chair in the dark editing photos on my computer. But in terms of my personality, I’m quite calm and measured and zen. So perhaps somewhere like the Chinese Gardens in Sydney.

What are your plans for photography in 2015?
I just roll with what comes my way. Hopefully more ballet. More portraits. More holiday photos and pictures of my baby daughter.

To See more of Daniel’s amazing photography, check out his website here.