Briana Davis is a Melbourne based commercial photographer. Primarily an architectural photographer by trade, Briana also applies her practice to experimental live music and press portraiture.

We asked Briana to talk us through her love of the art of photography and share some of her favourite images with us, ahead of her exhibition at Shadow Electric as part of #CitizensoftheStreets.

What made you want to become a photographer?

I was fascinated by enhancing the beauty of the sights I saw around me through imagery. Initially, I was interested in photography purely as an art form, but it’s now become a career too.

Do you recall picking up your first camera?

My first camera was an analogue Canon AE-1. It took me a while to get used to, but I loved it from the moment I got it and took it everywhere with me. It was given to me by a family friend.

What would you say your photography style is?

In my live music photography, my style combines digital and analogue elements to create a vintage/modern photography hybrid. I use prisms and filters to warp my images and produce vivid colours, in addition to in camera double exposures reminiscent of film photography. My aim is to make it look as though the artist isn’t on stage – by capturing intimate and quiet ‘in-between’ moments. My press and documentary photography is much the same – I work hard to befriend my subjects so that I can capture genuine and candid moments.

What do you love most about shooting musicians?

Meeting them and following their progression. Being involved in their journey as musicians in an intimate way.

Do you have a photography bucket list?

My goals are constantly changing.

What has been the best advice you’ve been given about a career in


The best advice I’ve ever received about being a successful photographer (and this can be applied to life in general too) is: Be a boss. 

That’s the short version. Essentially, be confident and believe in your creativity and skills. Value yourself and your work, and the people you work with will value you too.

What did you enjoy most about shooting Melbourne Spring Fashion


Having a myriad variety of models, styling and lighting was challenging but allowed for a lot of experimenting. I often incorporate movement into my images and this was the ideal situation to continue this style.

What’s a piece of camera equipment can you not live without and why?

My filters and prisms. They go everywhere with me.

What are your top 5 favourite photographs?

Iggy Azalea at Trak Lounge 2013


KLLO 2014


Glass Animals 2015




HTML Flowers 2015


Where would you photograph yourself to best sum up your personality?

On a beach on an overcast day.

See Briana’s photographs on exhibitions at Speaker TV Present: Citizens of the Streets
Thursday 15th October
Shadow Electric Bandroom
Performing: Alice Ivy, Leisure Suite, RKDA
Exhibiting: Khara Deurhof and Gustavo Pallacios
Doors 7PM / Pre-sale: $10
Tickets on sale now


Instagram: @brianadavisphotography