Amy Winehouse has been restored back to her former glory in Camden, North London this Sunday, with the unveiling of her full-sized statue commemorating the singers legacy.

The statue coincides to Amy’s 31st birthday, 3 years after her death due to alcohol poisoning at age 27.

Planted smack bang in the middle of stables market in Camden, Fans travelled from around the globe to witness the event.

Winehouse’s father Mitch was there to witness the unveiling, having spent many months involved in the creating process.

Amy Winehouse statue

Amy Winehouse’s Parents at the unveiling: Image – The Guardian

“I’ll be coming to visit it all the time. It was difficult to see the sculpture at first but I’m getting used to it. It looks just beautiful,” he said in an interview with The Guardian, planting a kiss on the statues cheek.

“It’s just a wow, a definite wow,” Winehouse’s Mother said in the interview with  The Guardian.

“I am pleased with how the statue turned out because you can see that it’s Amy. Camden is Amy’s place, it’s where she belongs.” she said.

For some, the statue is anything but amazing.

Her skimpy outfit, oversized belt and odd expression eludes to her days as a drug-addict, certainly an image that many wouldn’t rather remember their idol by.

Amy Winehouse statue

The statue in all its glory: Image BBC

London Sculpturer Mr. Eaton created the statue after meeting Winehouse’s Dad, telling BBC that the statue was:

“meant to capture her attitude and strength, but also give subtle hints of insecurity.”

Unfortunately, the details of the in turned foot, hand holding the skirt and expression gave some pretty not-so-subtle hints to the singers insecurity.

The Valerie singers giant beehive, tiny body and gaunt-like expression gives the impression of illness and insecurity, topping it off  with a red rose in her hair, making the late singer appear more tragic than fantastic.

The use of bronze is also odd, the typically dense material hard to mould into small details such as hair and skin complexion, and as a result, her hair appears dirty and matted, something which will only increase over time with the addition of the weather; not to mention pigeon poo.

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