After throwing the biggest party of the year on her sold out Warehouse Project 2.0 Tour, Aussie pocket-rocket Alison Wonderland is continuing to woo EDM fans across the nation and globe, with the latest release of official video for hit track ‘Run’.

Directed by Tim K, the video follows a gang of young men who in between bare-chested street fights, concrete brick-smashing, and road-running races, decide to mask up and rob an ice-cream store (why not?). Taking the loot for themselves, the boys devour tub after tub, until the tables turn, and the melted ice-cream begins to consume them, pouring over each of their heads until their dirty-whites and washed-out denim is saturated in colour.

The video’s liquified neapolitan hues crashing against cold concrete greys, mimic Wonderland’s EDM style, with smooth soaring vocal hooks interrupted by hard hitting drops, and boy does it work. This one’s a killer!