Resentful that you were never alive to witness the untampered and raw beauty of a Tim or Jeff Buckley show? Do you spend a significant amount of time laying in your bedroom playing Sketches For My Sweetheart The Drunk and Starsailor reminiscing to a time you never existed in? I certainly do, and the impact of those two artists upon modern interpretations of pop music cannot be underestimated.

Popular music history altered forever with the two generations of Buckley music, first in the 1970s with Tim Buckley‘s untamed progressive folk music with its complex harmonic arrangements and psychedelic lyrical poeticism; and again twenty years later with the explosion of Jeff Buckley‘s pure angelic falsetto and virtuosic guitar skills.

But now Gen Y may in fact, have a chance to experience the lasting legacy of the Buckleys’ music in a world-premiere event, featuring six superlative singers. A State Of Grace commemorates the life and music of two of the most beloved voices in rock in a sublime portrait and commands authenticity by musical director and overseer Gary Lucas, who co-wrote Jeff Buckley’s two immortal hits ‘Grace’ and ‘Mojo Pin’ and is a highly-respected composer in his own right.

Amassed in order to recreate the magic of the Buckleys’ songs are musicians with the uniqueness, depth and compassion to comprehend the songs in a new, unfounded light: Martha Wainwright, Casper Clausen (of Efterklang), Willy Mason, Camille O’Sullivan, Steve Kilbey (The Church) and Cold Specks. In this star-studded affair, the songs of Tim and Jeff become a transcendental point of departure for a re-imagined, moving exploration of sound.


Martha Wainwright

Willy Mason

Casper Clausen

Camille O’Sullivan

Cold Specks

Steve Kilbey

Gods and Monsters

Gary Lucas, Musical Director

Merri Cyr and Nurit Wilde, Visual Imagery

Gaynor Crawford and Kirsten Siddle, Creative Producers

Jeff Apter, Creative Associate

A State Of Grace dates

Wednesday 23 September 2015
Melbourne Recital Centre, Melbourne Victoria box office: 03 9699 3333

Friday 25 and Saturday 26 September 2015
QPAC Concert Hall, Brisbane Queensland box office: 136 246

Sunday 27 September 2015
Enmore Theatre, Sydney New South Wales box office: 13 28 49

Tuesday 29 September 2015
Melbourne Recital Centre, Melbourne Victoria box office: 03 9699 3333

Tickets on sale 9am Friday 5 June 2015 
For more information and all ticketing information, click here.