One of the first things a student learns in art school, is that you can put ‘-ism’ onto the end of practically any word, and it is totally acceptable. Multimedia artist Holly-Anne Buck has taken this life-lesson on, turning her artistic practice into a perfectly dubbed alias with the creation of Collagism.

Under this namesake the Australian artist, who now resides in London, has held a 6-month residency at London’s Vestibule Gallery in 2013, and more recently exhibited at Tate Britain as part of Source Display ‘Texture and Collage’. After exhibiting in London, Europe and beyond, Collagism is about to head to the States for a residency & exhibition at New York’s Sensei Gallery.

We had a chat with Holly-Anne Buck to talk all things creative, collaborative and collage-able…

How did you initially get into collage?

I always collected magazines, I started snipping The Face and i-D magazines and then moved onto cutting up books! I learned Photoshop and the rest is history.

How long does it take for you to choose pieces to create an artwork?

That’s an ongoing process – I have a huge library of material that I snip and file away.


How did you come to create “Collagism”?

At the time I was campaigning for the freedom of Pussy Riot doing street art in London. I needed a moniker and Collagism perfectly describes what I do. I collage in 2d, 3d, video, sound and if I haven’t collaged it I’d certainly like to!!

Your pieces mix a lot of nature with glossy magazine images – is there a specific cultural/artistic message by connecting these?

Everything is connected in life. When I hear music I see pictures. When I get to know people I start to see imagery like flowers, animals, or perhaps an object or something else completely depending on whether they are nice!


Do you feel like living in London influences your style?

Definitely! My studio is in Shoreditch in London – It’s a very colourful mash up of art, fashion, music and people, my work reflects that, it’s maximal! Plus I travel a lot in Europe and Asia – the iconography, sounds, shapes, all find a way in there.

Where do you get your inspiration?

Recently I went to Alexander McQueen’s retrospective Savage Beauty at the V&A. There was not dry eye in the house, overwhelming in the obsessive detail, macabre and such deep dark romance… that blew my mind. People inspire me, the fabulous wild creatures that are my friends.

What music are you listening to right now? Do you get inspiration from music?

I’m listening to a lot of soundtracks at the moment – Bollywood, John Carpenter, Ennio Morricone, Goblin… plus a bit of William Onyeabor, Todd Terje, Goat, Peaking Lights, Vitalic, Grace Jones.. it’s my favourite way to travel without leaving my house!


What’s your favourite food to eat when you create?

Anything with cheese involved!

Do you have any other exhibitions coming up?

I have a show opening on 11th June at Scream Gallery in London with Shuby. The show features some collaboration and new solo pieces. After that I have a residency in Manhatten, NYC at Sensei Gallery. The residency runs for a month ending with an exhibition of the work we’ve produced. Exciting times!

Collagism & Shuby exhibition at Scream Gallery

Fri Jun 12 – Sat Jul 4 @ Scream Gallery, Eastcastle Street, London
Gallery hours: Monday – Friday 10am – 6pm