The future of wireless music listening looks cool thanks to Zungle Inc.

With the announcement that the newest iPhone would forgo a headphone jack, wireless headphones are sure to experience an increase in demand. This is even more possible with the lukewarm reviews turning up for Apple’s wireless AirPod headphones, largely based on their small size. Consumers worry that they will be easily lost, as well as presenting a choking hazard for children. Customers aren’t too happy about the battery life either, with a five-hour battery life and a $159 USD pricing.

Obviously, wireless headphones aren’t a new concept, but innovation in design will begin to become more important than ever; one such example of this is the Zungle Panther sunglasses. Not just any ordinary headphone, Zungle Panther works by utilising a bone conduction speaker that transmits sound waves to your skull – leaving your ears free. Their initial crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter raised $1,947,035, with a later launched campaign on Indiegogo reaching an impressive $2,228,568. This proves that there’s obviously no shortage of interest or demand.

Functionally, the Zungle Panther is waterproof, have replaceable lenses, come in five colours (black, white, grey, neon green, and neon pink), and the USB port is hidden on the hinge of the glasses so you don’t have to worry about functionality overcoming style. An in-built microphone allows consumers to make phone calls as well as the primary function of listening to music. Battery life runs at four hours, which falls just under the battery life of the AirPod, but it’s pretty impressive given that they’re bone conduction sunglasses that still have at least some use after the battery’s gone

Zungle Panther sunglasses are available for February 2017 preorder via their Indiegogo campaign page for $119 USD + shipping.

As you’ll see in the following product video, the utilisation of Zungle Panther’s ear and wire free headphone technology enables you to be aware of your surroundings while you’re tearing up the city on your cool bike (we recommend wearing a helmet!) on your way to a pool party with friends – good thing they’re waterproof!