After a stellar first year, Dogapalooza is returning to spread the puppy-love. The doggo’s and their beloved owners will congregate on Sunday the 9th of October at Burnley Park in Richmond. Although it’s not your likely festival, punters (woofers included) will soak up the sun and the sounds of local artists all day long. Available for you and your bestie to snack on will be an in-house vegan BBQ plus a range of boutique dog stalls together to offer your furry friends’ some retail therapy. Of course, you have to try your chances at winning one of the ‘Dogapalooza Awards’ and show everyone who is the top dog. For those of you who don’t have a furry friend, you’re welcome to come and pat everyone else’s. The proceeds from the festival will be donated to Oscar’s Law, Stafford Rescue Victoria, Melbourne Animal Rescue and Puppy Tails Rescue.

The event is set to be a caNINE out of TEN. After extensive research, here is a list of doggo’s to watch.

The ‘one with too much energy’ – Golden Retriever
The Miss Congeniality of Dogs. These boisterous, confident and happy pups will be the life of the party, the ones who are happy for a pat and the closest to water.

The ‘Lovey Dovey’ -Japanese Spitz
These affectionate giant marshmallows are known for great courage and devotion. Observe them nearby their owners, who have indeed all congregated, bonding over the existence of Japanese Spitz’.

The ‘Dressed for the occasion’ -Pug
These charming, tiny little balls of dog are playful and rarely aggressive. Watch out for mixed breeds too! (e.g. pug + beagle = puggle)

The ‘easily distracted’ – Dachshund
These elongated, shiny and short little canines are known to be stubborn and strong-willed. See them chase anything, anything at all, probably even their own tail.

The ‘spoilt teenager’- Shih Tzu
These beautiful and glamorous dogs have luscious long coats to match their outgoing personality. Due to their stubbornness when it comes to training, notice them completely defying their owners.

Tickets to Dogapalooza are available now via oztix.