His stellar remix of Flumes ‘Sleepless’ may have put Brisbane producer Charles Murdoch on the map, but a succession of applauded singles since have cemented his status as one of the freshest and most innovative acts on the electronic music circuit.

‘Back to It’, lifted from Murdoch’s debut album Point is a testament to this status, showcasing his accomplished production skills.

The dreamy track sees home grown heroes Oscar Key Sung and Banoffee lend their voices to the record, their mesmerising vocals melting flawlessly into the throbbing electronic impulses crafted by Murdoch. The pairs layered harmonies highlight Murdoch’s supreme ability to fuse RnB flavoured vocals with electronic ambience seamlessly. Murdoch expertly makes the most of both featured artists, the pairs blissful harmonies subtly transition between taking the melodic lead or forming part of the tracks gentle instrumentation.

The tracks soothing production draws you into a whimsical journey offering a gentle catharsis for listeners. Whilst Banoffee and Oscars gooey lyrics implore one to get ‘back to it’, all you will want to do is bask in the dreaminess of this track for a bit.

Stream Charles Murdoch’s masterful debut album Point on Spotify and Soundcloud or purchase it on iTunes now.