When one is in their final year of high school, most would be focusing on exams, the weekend gossip, and making sure their Instagram account is socially relevant. Yet even though she is just 17, Lupa J (otherwise knows as Imogen Jones) just released a track that shows she’s here to play.

‘Waiting for Her’ sits well within a basic pop structure, however, the electronic elements used in the track take it to an ominous place. For an artist so young, she pulls into a lot of emotional depths. The structural components of the song are minimal, meaning there are very few samples, sounds and effects used, and this kind of structure puts pressure on the vocals to deliver, in ability and emotion. In this case, the vocals are velvet, and the tone of her voice commands recognition within the track.

“I’m not so sure she can breathe without him.

Jones’s lyrical ability shows maturity larger than that of a career spanning 18 months.

Quite a lot of the elements people love in fellow youngin’ Lorde, they can also find within this track.

Being a finalist in Triple J’s Unearthed High competition last year and on the back off her previous EP The Seed, this is not her first time receiving a little recognition. Show her some love and check out her Soundcloud here.