Say goodbye to beach days and long weekends. Summer is officially over, which means it’s back to your regularly scheduled obligations. If this has you feeling down and you’re in need of some positivity, LIV LI’s debut single Bloom (James Yammouni Remix) is guaranteed to put some pep in your step.

Australian electro-pop vocalist LIV LI started her musical journey in the mid-2000s when she was asked to join her friend’s band Angels are Architects. They went from winning a band competition to touring to headlining a festival in Asia to a crowd of 60,000 people. Since the group has disbanded LIV has been steadily building her solo career and writing new songs in her many overflowing journals. She’s now ready to show the world what she’s got, with Bloom being the appetiser of her forthcoming EP, set to be released later this year.

James Yammouni, who you might recognise from the Australian comedy group, The Janoskians, has honed in on his passion for music since leaving the group in 2016. James transforms Bloom, which is already stunning, into a masterpiece. With over a million streams on Spotify and over a million followers on social media, James’s talent and skill haven’t gone unnoticed. Bloom highlights it with the combination of LIV’s powerhouse vocals and James’s solemn, yet catchy remix.

Have a listen below, but be warned, Bloom is an infectious pop song you will struggle to forget.

We grow up thinking anything is possible. Our dreams are big and uncensored. We are told we can be whoever and whatever we want to be and we believe it. But then we grow up. And things look a little different to what we planned. Maybe we took a wrong turn. Maybe we stopped believing. We change. Circumstances and relationships change us and the things we hoped for don’t feel so within our reach anymore. Bloom is about still reaching for those things. Knowing that anything great in life is worth fighting for. That it takes bravery, sacrifice and heart to Bloom.

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Bloom (James Yammouni Remix) is now available download here.