Not too long after the release of their well-received debut single Not Bliss, Tobias Wonderdog has just premiered their new music video.

Filmed in the picturesque Blue Mountains in New South Wales, the video echoes the sentiments of peace and freedom delivered in the dynamic track. The layers of guitars, organs, percussion and vocals create a soothing soundtrack to the captivating landscapes, without aligning to a particular genre.

The music video follows a man journeying through magnificent forests, remarkable mountains and beautiful ruins, accompanied by stunning drone footage to accentuate the natural world and highlight just how small we are amongst it.

The video ends as the man makes his way to the top of the mountain, throwing his arms in the air to rejoice, showcasing the theme of personal liberation.


Both the song and the video let the imagination run wild, illustrating how joy can be found by yourself in the simple pleasures of life. 

Triple J describes the song as “old sole magic” and a “stunningly laid back rad tune”, while scenestr says it is “gloriously uplifting alt. country meets meandering indie rock”.

Mat Weaven, also known as Tobias Wonderdog, says that the song is essentially about connection.

“I think as people, we lose out on connectivity these days and get too caught up in feeling sorry for ourselves,” Weaven told scenestr.

“We should destroy the myth of what we call normal and practice in synergy as well as constructive criticism.”

Weaven first began his musical career as a trumpet player before venturing out of the classical music scene. The Melbourne-based singer-songwriter fronted the four-piece rock group Upstream from 2004-2008, supporting major acts like The Screaming Jets and Airbourne over 200 headlining shows.

His latest stage name arose from a 24-year-old miniature fox terrier Jack Russell named Toby, who was well known around his hometown and nicknamed ‘Wonderdog’. Mat immortalised his character and spirit with his most recent project, thus becoming Tobias Wonderdog.

In 2013 he teamed up with Pony Music’s Damien Young and iconic drummer Mark Kennedy and began work on his debut EP, Land of Paper Chimneys, set to be released early 2019.

The launch of his new single, Not Bliss, will be held on the 20th of December at the Prince Bandroom in St Kilda, Melbourne. Tickets can be found here.