In 1999, a #1 chart topper was released in ‘Praise You’ by the legendary electronic act, Fatboy Slim. Now almost 20 years later the track gets injected with new life by another solo electronic artist in The Kite String Tangle.

TKST reimagines ‘Praise You’ with a modern melody that brings more power to the track.

It is a  tall order to cover a song so synonymous with early electronica, and ‘Praise You’ is one of those timeless tracks that seemly doesn’t age.

So with that in mind, how does The Kite String Tangle do? Well, it’s definitely a unique take on a classic. Straight away the tone of the song feels more subdued and serious. Gone is the iconic piano notes throughout the original and is instead replaced with a distorted and more impactful beat you’d be familiar with hearing on most modern electronic tracks.

The first 1:20 seconds is dedicated to building up until it escalates to the bass drop. What was welcoming to hear though, was the original vocals mostly intact and it actually suits the song quite well despite the shift in tone. The bass is heavy throughout the chorus but simmers down during the verses. There are very soft high pitched vocals sprinkled at points throughout the track which add a nice ambience to the more quiet parts of the song.

Overall the song manages to still be a punchy dance hit and definitely an interesting interpretation of a classic track – one to recommend curious fans of The Kite String Tangle or Fatboy Slim.

This remixed ‘Praise You’ is just one of Fatboy Slim’s hits that are being reimagined on his brand new EP, Fatboy Slim VS Australia set to release on January 19th 2018. The EP will feature artists including Northlane, Set Mo, The Aston Shuffle, Sam La Moore, Carmada and LO’99. They’ll be taking on past hits such as ‘Eat, Sleep, Rave, Repeat’ and ‘Weapon of Choice’ just to name a few.

Fatboy Slim VS Australia release coincides with Fatboy’s festival dates around the country and will surely be a perfect time for fans new and old to appreciate a body of work that made him a household name.