East Denistone only waits 12 seconds before thrusting you into the tension-filled universe of his newest single Amongst Taller Trees. Despite being a slight departure from his previous works of milder alt-indie efforts, Trees stays true to Denistone’s ability to craft “a storytelling experience” as noted by Josh Olek in OzMade.

Denistone enlisted the help of various talent local to the Sydney area while recording Amongst Taller Trees at Turtlerock Studios in Leichhardt. The final product? Crisp. No part of the arrangement is begging for attention. Each instrument elevates the quality of the song and equally shares the focus. Multiple guitars, keys, pads, and drum kits flow in and out of prominence, creating a haunting, lingering atmosphere.

Originally known as Marcus Hoon, Denistone provides us with a rich deep voice that we have grown familiar with in bands like The National, whilst maintaining quality lyricism that echoes the likes of Radiohead. His depiction of personal triumph in Amongst Taller Trees reshapes and provides a new perspective on the classic theme of struggling against “the man”. This form of universal relatability seems to be a strong suit within Denistone’s songwriting.

Just before the song enters its bridge however, the tune is in need of a change of pace. The tension has been built and it feels like a release is just around the corner. And Denistone does not disappoint. The drums switch up rhythm and a guitar solo unleashes what feels like hours worth of stress in a moody solo. Expunging the previous minutes of tension and gliding into a peaceful guitar lick with a haunting pad, Denistone slowly crescendoes back to the hook’s chilling opening line “How does it feel to play God”.

The maturity Denistone exudes in his latest effort promises the alt-indie community a brooding new star. If this single is indicative of his music to come, I think we can expect a more commanding presence from one of the most intriguing new voices in the alt-indie scene.

On March 29th, Denistone will be bringing his new sound to life in Sydney at the Lady Hampshire in Chippendale.

Buy and stream Amongst Taller Trees here!