“I love how music can transport you to different times and places. Even more, that it can break boundaries between language, culture and race. It moves you, even if you’re standing still – That’s cool”

Truer words have never been spoken by Animal Ventura (Fernando Aragones) and his brand new single ‘Animal’ is a testament to that very sentiment.

A funky, laid-back number, ‘Animal’ is the new single taken from Ventura’s debut album Forrest St., a track equivalent to the warm summer breeze gently wafting against your skin, driving around on a sunny afternoon. Ventura’s gentle vocals paired with the undeniably addictive beat and uplifting horns make for the smoothest of listening experiences and is sure to make your Summer playlist this year.

You can catch Animal Ventura live and sway your hips to the soul cleansing rhythm of ‘Animal’ on his supporting dates for The Beautiful Girls’ 15th Anniversary Tour which kicks off a the end of the month!

Buy ‘Animal’ here and you can find Forrest St. here.