Jessica Says – Do With Me What U Will

Jessica Venables releases music often described as pop-noir, under the stage name Jessica Says. After a long hiatus, the talented Melbourne-based artist is back to create the perfect tension between old-fashioned vocals and modern instrumental twists with her second album Do With Me What U Will. The album is full of surprises. ‘Queen of the Night’ shines with its old-school electro-pop beat that is reminiscent of early 2000’s bangers, while ‘Oliver’ has a softness to it that is amplified by the acoustic piano melodies and pizzicato strings. As a classically trained cellist, Venables uses strings to full effect. Closing out the record with ‘Rosemary’, the piano driven track delivers a subtle yet undeniable punch, with underlying strings that come to full fruition in the outro. Thematically, the album takes us on a journey through the socially constructed ideas of youth and naivety, mental illness and desire. We go from ‘Fun Factory’, which introduces a fiery pubescent longing and desire, to an exploration of the anxiety and self-loathing experienced during adolescence in ‘Fairest Of Them All’, right through to a stage of self-realisation of an identity driven by desire rather than low self esteem in ‘Rock Candy’.

Splendidid – coco.sexbreath

Melbourne’s Splendidid have developed a niche for themselves in the inner North’s music scene in recent times. ‘coco.sexbreath’ is their first single of 2017 and is a song of minimal vocals, so the instrumentation really speaks for itself. The experimental sound effects, somewhat tropical influence, and offbeat psych-soaked riffs are held together with drum solos that sound more like drum-offs. The single is one you need to blast loud. Accompanied by a truly wonderful yet bizarre video of a seemingly normal party descending into a very bad trip, ‘coco.sexbreath’ stands out for its unique twists and abstract qualities, all the while held together by a very solid groove.

Endrey – Go Far

‘Go Far’ is an intimate and raw display of vocal and instrumental beauty from solo artist Endrey (Fun Machine, PAINTonPAINT). The song is off his debut album Lost + Found and is an honest and powerful piano ballad which bears the artist’s soul. The heartfelt song features Endrey‘s captivating vocals powerfully carried by lush and smooth piano chords. Lyrically, it creatively develops an atmosphere of loss and yearning in regional Australia, and is the type of song that you should have playing in the background as you take a relaxing bath. Endrey has amassed a following with his solo debut, and we will be eagerly waiting in the wings for more of his musical gifts.

Dear Seattle – Afterthought

Sydney’s Dear Seattle are on a roll, delivering yet another belting, honest and melodic indie rock anthem with ‘Afterthought’, the second single off their upcoming EP. After their first single ‘Meadows’ turned heads, the four piece once again draw inspiration from early 90’s grunge music to serve up a gritty, heartfelt tune filled with raw vocals. The song itself is relatable on all fronts; waking up the morning after a big one with no recollection of anything, just a whole lot of repercussions.

Dianas – Heart of Me

Dianas’ new track ‘Heart of Me’ is poppy, melodic, ethereal beauty. The song is, at its core, a dream pop track –  but it builds intrigue with subtle hints of grunge and rock influences. Opening with standalone guitar work, we are slowly introduced introduced to a soft but resounding percussion beat. The guitar work has a jangly garage feel to it, but that doesn’t stop the tune from achieving a hallucinatory dreaminess that has become a bit of a signature sound for Dianas. It is no wonder the band is fast on the rise, and definitely one you should be exploring further.

The Owls – Jesus Let Me Fly

Born and bred in Newcastle, The Owls have released their latest single ‘Jesus Let Me Fly’, a musical amalgamation of 60’s garage rock and 90’s alternative rock. Although the band draws obvious comparisons to the likes of The Vines and The Kinks, The Owls have crafted their own signature sound and re-emerge from hiatus a revitalised and strengthened band. ‘Jesus Let Me Fly’ is a visually nostalgic tune, one that creates a very breezy, cool and chilled atmosphere. The prominent guitars echo and are weighted by a blocky concrete bass and percussion, giving the song a clear sense of direction and grounding the drifting vocals. The track is about attempting to break from the clutches of the old, and fly forward to embrace the new, a great metaphor for the outfit themselves.

Society of Beggars – Old Haunts

‘Old Haunts’ is the opening track off Melbourne outfit Society of Beggars’ latest EP An Ep Called Night. The song screams modern Rock n Roll and showcases the band’s energetic and visceral nature. The raspy vocals of frontman Yianni Michalopoulos emphasise the grungy bulkiness that the song boasts. The heart-wrenching harmonies and guttural grunts are opposed by a recurrent piano quartet which adds a soft imminence, bringing the longing of the track to the forefront. To accompany the single, the band have released a dark and mysterious music video to keep us satisfied as we wait for more tunes.