Old Etiquettes – Forgetting All The Places 

This track from Melbourne 4 piece Old Etiquettes is a testament to structural simplicity. The band demonstrate a guitar driven sound that is uncrowded and unpretentious on their new track ‘Forgetting All The Places’ which is taken from a split 7″ with Big League. The tried and true usage of a sound consisting of just drums, bass and guitar is implemented terrifically by the group, and with ‘Forgetting All The Places’ they prove that sometimes all you need to create a moving, textured song is the basic instrumental pillars and good writing – this track displays a mastery of both in spades. In a word? Raw.

S.A.S – Kiss It Better

S.A.S is the brainchild of Melbourne based songwriter Syntax Semantics, who begun her career as a political folk artist at the age of 14. A big, sweeping 80’s synthesiser dominated tone underpins her music as S.A.S. ‘Kiss It Better’ is her most recently released track, which boasts a huge, memorable chorus and shows off her impressive vocal range. It’s a slice of glorious bubblegum pop with a sly knowing wink to decades past, packaged and orchestrated with perfection. In a word? Shiny.

Domini Forster – Raven

The debut album from young Australian artist Domini Forster opens with ‘Under Water’ – led by lightly plucked strings and delicate hits of a xylophone, draped in a beautiful signing voice and underpinned by theatrical strings, this track sets the tone for the record. There is an airy quality to the sparse arrangements, which allow Domini Forster‘s impeccable voice to shine. There is an element of ambient folk throughout the record, which utilises age old musical tropes, while restructuring these for a modern context. Each song feels as though it tells a story, each a chapter or reflection of the singer’s life. There is a fantastical, mesmerising quality to Raven – it’s like modern fairy tale music, or a collection of dark and haunting lullabies. From the vocal harmonies in ‘Hold Up’ to the cinematic atmosphere of ‘Raven’ to the folk balladry of ‘Dawning, each number takes on a life of its own, with something new to offer. There is a distinct unity to the record, with each of the songs complimenting and working with one another as part of a greater tapestry, while also functioning as stand alone, immersive moments. This is a self-assured and gripping, emotional debut from a very talented artist. Expect to hear a lot more about Domini Forster in 2017. In a word? Haunting.

Hunch – Momentary Sound

‘Momentary Sound’ is the second single from Sydney based Hunch‘s upcoming EP God! set for release later this month. It sounds huge and textured, with rollicking guitar licks and a vocal tinged with aggression and laced with raw passion. There is something instantly classic about a song like this – the territory feels safe and familiar, but ‘Momentary Sound’ offers a unique, fresh twist. There is a shameless fun about this track that is unshakeable, and the confidence with which it is executed lends to the feel good atmosphere crafted by Hunch. The vocal is a certain highlight here – there is so much movement to it, and it takes on so many different lives as the delivery ebbs and flows. In a word? Memorable.

Kate Martin – Set My Life To Fire.

There are very few artists who successfully manage to blend organic and synthesised musical elements – it can often be hard to make those two opposing poles relate to one another in a palatable way. This is what makes ‘Set My Life To Fire’, the new single from Melbourne based talent Kate Martin so astounding. It manages to coordinate electronic samples, drum machines and synthesisers with guitar, piano and acoustic drums. Each element sits perfectly with one another, and this track manages to simultaneously feel like its being performed by a singer songwriter, and an electronic producer. This delicate balance is executed marvellously, and complimented by Kate Martin‘s gorgeous and infectious vocal. This is a perfect example of modern music creation done right – finding a meeting point between the new and old, and using that meeting point as an a springboard.