Yeo’s latest work is an ethereal dreamland which immerses the listener within an intoxicating space. 

Yeo has come a long way since his debut. The most endearing element of Yeo’s work is his fearlessness. Since his debut, he has never been one to adhere to typical pop tropes, and Desire Path is no exception. By consistently thinking outside of the box, this artist completely subverts the standards of pop music with the structural and textural choices made throughout the album. Through this sense of experimentation, Yeo has created an incredibly interesting body of work. In that, the album is a success.

With grooves so deep that you could settle into their depths and ride them to paradise, this album is smooth. The slickness of the production shows Yeo as an artist that is refined and renewed. His choice of instrumentation, be it acoustic or virtual, was always skillfully honed, shaped and developed to immerse us in his world. Observing his ability to maintain his voice while collaborating with other artists, we see real talent at work.

Listening to the tones generated within ‘Wannabe’, a relatively light and energetic sound is heard. The inclusion of light guitar tones and an almost buoyant bassline makes this piece stand out. Compare the mood and the atmosphere captured in ‘Wannabe’ to ‘Plug Me In’ and you find yourself in a very different universe.

The implementation of denser sounding synthesisers and rich, present vocals makes for a much more sophisticated take on Yeo’s sound. Those signature dream-like elements and the undeniable groove remain, however, listeners are given a refined and evolving sound.

Despite the collaborative nature of many of the songs on Desire Path, Yeo must be commended for maintaining a sense of his original style. As heard within stand-out songs including ‘Chasing Shadows’, we see an artist who is in a state of perpetual refinement. The song’s hyper-modern take on pop-music perfectly encapsulates the feeling of being somewhat lost. With its pulsating kick drum and perfectly nuanced accompaniment heard from a myriad of synthesized vocals and keyboard sounds, this track is brilliant. The amount of control and musical independence demonstrated within validates that fact. 

Despite the praise given to the album on account of the artistic growth shown by the artist, it is is not perfect. While the bravery displayed through the unusual tonal and rhythmic pairings throughout are one of the most endearing features of Desire Path, some choices felt a little too atypical. ‘Be Your Frand’ portrays this feeling clearly. While seemingly created with sincere intentions, the song felt somewhat underdeveloped when compared to others on the album. Rhythmically, the bassline of the song seemed as if it did not align with the percussion or the vocals.  This caused the song to feel somewhat cluttered. 

The concepts explored within the Desire Path resonate with its intended audience. Lyrically, conceptually and artistically, the album as a holistic unit, though lacking in cohesion, is undeniably gripping. It is refreshing to see an artist challenge the concept of genre standards, and there are flashes of brilliance shining through Yeo’s latest effort because of this. The subversive nature of the songs crafted is something to be celebrated and, I cannot wait to see what Yeo brings to us in the future.


Key Track: Chasing Shadows