Since the highly publicised APRA AMCOS report earlier in the year, the rumblings of dissent about the lack of gender parity in the music industry have been thrust into the public consciousness. It can be hard to remember that many events and organizations have been aiming to increase the awareness of this issue in their own creative ways.

Women In Music Empowerment Day returns in 2017 with a huge lineup of Sydney musicians as well as live art, performances and a panel of speakers. Held at Miss Peaches in Newtown, Sydney on Sunday 24 September, this celebration of talent is the most value for money we have seen all year.

This event is the love child of many local crews Yeah The Girls, Coven Presents, Honey, Stayfly Sydney and Deeper Than House. A true collaboration which shows the importance of many distinctly different groups coming together to create a community of music makers that push women, nonbinary and minority peoples to the front and make their music heard.

This is a massive lineup of local artists from many genres but the coolest thing to see is how there are so many female DJs on this bill, as the electronic dance music scene globally remains one of the areas which is the least inclusive. While SCABZ is there for the punk fans and Inês will keep the laid back groove loving punters happy, there will be a diverse range of dance inducing tunes from Matka‘s poppy dancehall to Ayebatonge‘s techno and Val York‘s minimal house rhythms.

The full lineup is below and for tickets to this awesome event, check out the Facebook page.

SCABZ , Matka (Music) , Ayebatonye , Clueless , Sass , Val York , SPORTS , Ines , Jannah Beth , Dawn Laird , Sarah Connor , Lushness , Zeadala , Katherine Vavahea , DJ LOU

Lotte Smith , Sophieaye

LUMI SPINNERS , Bella Fuego Entertainment , DES FLEURS

Paige Leacey , ALPHAMAMA , FlexMami , Poppy Reid , Rachel Maria Cox , Kailei Ginman