As part of this year’s Melbourne Fringe Festival, Uncle Bobby returns with his Found Sounds show. To ensure a night of experimental and original music, sound sculptures built from items like carrots, printers, cutlery and turntables will be utilised throughout the performance. Over the past 12 months, Uncle Bobby hosted his Sassy Safari residency at The Evelyn Hotel, and also featured at Strawberry Fields and By The MeadowFound Sounds will incorporate audio processing along with innovative sounds to take viewers on an experimental sound voyage.

As his show draws closer, Uncle Bobby ran us through the details and stories of his various sound sculptures. The instruments are all like Unky B’s children, making up one unique family of misfits. Visually, they stand on their own as works of art, and aurally they will form the foundations of a multi-dimensional musical experience like no other.

Buzzard Squish

“Constructed from a book press and pieces of chopped up coat hangers, this assemblage initially attempted to emulate the sounds of a kalimba (thumb piano) but ending up creating much more robotic buzzing sounds. Finnian the Minnian’s bouncing, naughty personality is embodied here entirely.”


“A modified and distraught sieve utilising piezo pickups to create feedback bird sounds, constructed by collaborator Yuval. Daddy Long Legs uses this to filter out the unnecessary excess in his life.”

Stralingo the Third

“The third in a series of attempts at creating playable melody makers. The first, constructed from a whisky box, had weaks bones and eventually crumbled with age. The second was a great success, and the third is simply the smaller, nimbler, more evolved version. We grow stronger from generation to generation, inspired by Ketchup Relics’ eternally sharp stare.”

Music Box

“A simple piano roll music box attached to a resonating body of wood. Spin me around, oscillating in motion. Oh McConn De Replay, speak to me in angel tongues; web of love, we are one.”

A Collection of Loose Ends

“Call bells, brushes, goblets, cutlery, springs, and odd utensils. These are our picks, our straps, our drumsticks, our whammy bars. Accessories that help us to play with greater precision and force.”


“Unky B picked this bike up for his son hoping that one day Junior would passionately work on his cycling skills enough to be able to remove the training wheels. Regrettably, Junior hated this bike for all its soft pink colouring and floral stickers and never learned to ride. He’ll come around one day.”

LP Machine

“One record on the bottom with stickers stuck to the grooves pushing the needle just enough to make the sound loop endlessly. Another record stacked on top with Lego drilled through; a kinetic cyclic sequencer flogging a helpless hanging microphone as it spins. Tortured devices for Unky B’s sick games.”

Hot Boy Banana Lover

“Devoted to the service of God, this banana themed vibrator moans and groans under Jasbananapar’s solemn captivity. Daddy Long Legs placed it amongst his parents’ silverware in this photograph.”

Noise Is Free

“A conglomerate of junk, ropes and wood. The beast’s rugged construction appears as just a masculine facade; underneath, Noise Is Free is a real softy.”

Uncle Bobby’s Found Sounds shows will be running at the Melbourne Fringe Festival from September 28 to September 30 at Testing Grounds. Book your tickets here and check out a preview of the show below.