Tyler, the Creator is no stranger to controversy, but man, if hype was equivalent to album sales he would have already gone triple platinum on this one without shifting a single unit.

His forthcoming album, the controversially titled Scum Fuck Flower Boy has had one of the most dizzying hype-storms of 2017 surrounding its release, and the damn thing hasn’t even been released yet.

It started back in May when the website scumfuckflowerboy.com popped up out of nowhere and sent the Tyler fans into a frenzy. The website contained nothing but a countdown pointing to the end of June, but fans recognised the title from some Golf Wang gear released in 2016 (Tyler’s fashion label), as well as some shots of a similarly branded dirt bike posted to the instagram account @golfwanginsider only a week prior to the website’s discovery.

As you could expect, the internet went buck wild with speculation. Eventually, Tyler exposed the mysterious website as a fake; it’s still live if you’re gagging to see what the countdown revealed in the end (hint: it’s not an album). He aired out on Twitter with the following response:

In retaliation, Tyler began his own Twitter countdown starting seven days out from the end of June and featuring a bumblebee cropped MS Paint-style onto a pastel background counting down how many days we had left to wait until something was going to happen.

When the real count-down ended on June 29th, we got this:

‘Who Dat Boy’ is Tyler’s first single since 2015’s Cherry Bomb, and features unofficial Odd Future alum A$AP ROCKY on guest vocals and home surgeon, respectively. This grimy, schizophrenic hard-hitter sees Tyler up the ante both sonically and visually, with a self-directed video clip that creatively rivals anybody from Michel Gondry to Hype Williams. He followed up the next day with a new track, the sickly-sweet ‘911/Mr. Lonely’ (featuring Frank Ocean)

Obviously the hype was too much for the outside world to handle, as Tyler had his Instagram account hacked the following Wednesday, with an anonymous participant attempting to hold the account ransom. Tyler responded by announcing the hack on his Twitter feed, citing that he ‘deadass [doesn’t] know how to get back in there’, warning his fans not to interact with the account (which seems to have since returned to his control). Seemingly growing more frustrated with all the interference, the next day, Tyler made this announcement:

With the album details, artwork and release date made public, at that point you would assume that the relentless hunt for information regarding the release would ease off a bit. But you’d be dead wrong. In true digital-age style, within days of the album details hitting the internet some rotten digital scumbag has managed to leak the album in full, with many fans flocking to Reddit in a frenzy to download and circulate the now hugely-anticipated release.

Though Tyler’s camp managed to contain the leak pretty well, with most instances of the album being tracked down and scrubbed clean from the internet within hours, the damage had already been done; first he had the announcement for his album title stolen, then he had his album hype re-directed by a fake countdown, then he had his album artwork semi-announced for him, and in the end, he couldn’t even manage to release the music on his own terms. Almost every aspect of Tyler’s unveiling has been stolen from him by the internet.

Tyler has yet to comment on the leak, but speculation is still rife regarding Scum Fuck Flower Boy. The latest round from the internet rumour mill indicates that Tyler ‘comes out’ on this album, with Tyler stating in a lyric from one of the leaked tracks that he has been ‘kissing white boys since 2004’. Tyler, predictably, is yet to comment on that rumour either, but I’m sure if we can all just be patient for two seconds, all will be revealed upon the album’s release, slated for July 21st.

In the meantime, check out the third teaser release from the Golf camp, ‘Boredom’ below: