*Image credit Happy Mag 

Coming off a successful 2016 which saw Melbourne enchantress Woodes release her debut EP and hit the stage at venues and festivals across the nation, 2017 see’s her hitting the ground running, with her eyes set firmly on the crown.

‘Run For It’ strays away from the more airy and ethereal feel that dominated her self-titled EP and introduces us to a more primal and confident sound. There’s a take no prisoners approach to the song with big tribal drums blasting alongside a spell-binding vocal acting as a war cry.

The lyrics stem from accepting things being within the nature of certain people or genders,” says Woodes. “From being called out from cars to men expecting women to act a certain way depending on how they are dressed… A warning. Signifying things are changing.”

If you’re as captivated by this track as I am then you’ll want to grab a ticket to Woodes debut headline tour which kicks off this July visiting Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney. Tickets available at woodesmusic.com